Over done with the writing of the week. 6 pages almost complete. I had some thing to say. I wasn’t all confused or discombobulated and just went with it. I have had a good or shall I say GREAT writing experience. I did today. I’ve only had 3 hours at most of “SLEEP”, and I’ve got my shit ready for the week ahead. I’m good. Thanks. Done, ready, real. I need sleep though. I can feel it big time. I would really enjoy a month off however. Really. Visit with DOCTORS and NURSES and get off caffeine and see what sleep shit I can do or get over too. I’m needing some kind of something…some kind of wonderful just won’t happen ever again. Of that, I’m certain.

I’m glad to be informed of being wrong about it, esp sic, she comes up out of the blue and I’m all accepting of her and everything like this, but it doesn’t seem likely, in my time again…whatever time that is which I have left. And at some moments, it seems likely, I’m to go at any time. Still, in or with that, it occurs, I could go on much, much longer…to my chagrin or others, I can’t say. Doesn’t matter anyway, I don’t reckon. I’m not in control. It’s out of my hands, you know? I’m just along for the ride. I just must endure. Just must always make my best effort in trying to ENJOY the ride.

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There Used To Be Time For All Of Us Way Back When

Now there’s barely even a moment for someone to send a text. Sure, you can spend more and more money on a pen or pad of paper you’re itching to buy, or that you see online, and just impulsively tap that Pay button, and it gets delivered.

But then you want or need more. Why? Why is it that, ‘just enough’, isn’t? What has happened to the thrill? Why won’t things last? It’s just not satisfying anymore, with any serious lasting validity.

People are not like they used to be and times or people in the world have changed. They expect or demand more and can tolerate less. They’re very vocal and confrontational, with very little positive response. In many ways they behave like folks would never imagine people do today, say, 20 years ago. Hell, even 15 years back people were a lot more patient, polite. So people have changed and the world has too, but still there are the basic elements of people and how they do things and folks are good, up to a point, by and large. Our perspectives are altered perhaps? One gets a sense people nowadays are insane and yet prima facie all right. At least to begin. But it can all go sideways at a moment’s notice. We have to be careful and watch out.

To see the thing or experience it, you must know its opposite it seems. We were cleaning out the pool the other day. Nice to have the debris gone, sure.

It’s wonderful to be able to swim these days. However, as wonderful as the pool is alone in the morning at 3 AM, it’s not going to be that way forever, just, only, when, it’s HOT and Humid! That’s the Trade Off, they say. Sure, you can park Close to the trolly stop, but it means too, you’re further away from the exit, when it’s time to go. You can be close to the way out when you park, but you’ll be far from the shuttle stop as well. Trade Off’s, they call them. People deal with it, or they don’t. And they all act a frustrated fool, by voicing complaints and driving erratically, dangerously, and stupidly in the lots around walking families. There’s a reason it’s called “Vehicular Manslaughter.” People do it every day. Plenty of “people”(We use the term loosely.), act insane like this each and every day. Not all of the people do, but enough to be a great concern. Plenty for it to be an issue and a serious drain.

What a waste of life and humanity. Used to believe in so much for it, bit it seems a lost cause. It’s enough to make one weep, but why bother? There’s absolutely nothing you can do to stop or correct the behaviour. And, it’s not your job. It’s EVERYONE’S! But not everyone thinks of it and not everyone will. Sad. So sad. What’s to become?

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Five Hundred & Fifty Percent

550% Does Not Exist!!
IF any politician or business guy uses these percentages with a straight face, you’d better leave the country they’re operating in, because they don’t know math very well. Even I don’t and I know better. 10 percent of my window is in shade. It’s a guesstimate, because it looks like 90 percent is in full light of the moon, which is a reflector of the full face surface, sans black hole sun spot, but from this distance, it’s negligible, the sun’s bright energy shine out does any stupid Sound Garden tune. Anyway, the moon, which was full or 100% not so long ago, is in my estimation 2 percent gone, a shadow falls on 2 percent of it. So, that makes my estimation of its fullness at 98%. Check with me on this. 2 minus 100, okay? 550% doesn’t EXIST! Now, think on this. Think about it. Realize it. Live it. Do it. Do Not Be FOOLED!!!

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This Arrived Today


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Who Knew The 19 Was Easy To Do

I know the location of the new Golden Corral, but won’t say right away where it is. Suffice to say it’s in Downey, and near the original McDonald’s location. I am going to be able to do both and not have to put much effort into it and this pleases me to no end. I now have a sense of the riverbed plain that is Whittier Narrows, the Pico Rivera. It’s fascinating. Quick drive north to the mountains today, went up CA-19. From PCH, the roundabout, or traffic circle, on to Lakewood Boulevard, to Foothill Blvd, North of the 210 freeway. I had much enthusiasm to share ugly pictures too, but I don’t know if I should.

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The Photo Thing Doesn’t Work


Now it works. And apparently only when you’re on the site itself and you paste photos from a predesignated file box, also on the site page. (Can’t seem to mail it.)

Geez. My weekend is over. I’m tired all of a sudden because I have done so much lickety spit (spit not split) work on looking for my resume and other things… looking through stuff. Finding out a lot of things too numerous to mention here.

But what gets me the most here is that I can’t just sit and relax like this guy in the photo. All I can think about is next weekend and hope for the rest I’ll have then. Meanwhile it is with great hope I get past this week okay. I wish the same for you.

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In A World In A Word

In a world where they make watches super huge but which neither the day/date or time is easily read, in a world where they still make and people still wear these huge dork looking high crown baseball hats, poking the tops of their ears inside the headband, in a world where people shave their head hair yet grow facial hair, wear over sized shorts or long pants, ass bagging look, I’m available for anul sex though it’s illegal in some places and these folks who are so attired are at best utterly clueless, (and still for the most part heterosexual), in a world where people park in the red zone but would honk or yell at others if they did that, in a world where fat ass women wear skin tight jegg/short things, skirts too and the like, producing 5 or 9 kids, driving totally clean, totally HUGE off-road vehicles, for no apparent parking in garages, mall lots, and other diminishing parking lot and stalls reasonings, except for to try to impress other poor dumb people, in a world where during the week, these and other such types with equal inanities, can be found out and about, NOT at “work”, this is where you are.

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