Why is it called a SOLAR eclipse? Is it not the MOON doing the eclipsing? Across the surface of the sun, sure….but…when every 30 days or so? Earth’s got a shadow going across the moon? Or is that….ah.

All confusing muck. Maybe this link will clear a few of the misconceptions…

Google Answers

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Used To Think I’d Grow Rich

AND, ULTIMATELY, IT DOESN’T MATTER Either way, because in the end, they only always ever, don’t amount to anything.

It ends up and you’re left with, "so what, and, "who cares?"

This is stupid. We always realise this. Instinctively everyone knows this, yet everyone of us is in the end powerless to change the game. And it is a game. Losers Winners temporarily dancing around in a circle of death. Everyone assiduously avoiding the large white buffalo of their dreams, the elephant in the room.

Novels are lies. The concept is to reveal MORE truth in the world with the slight fabrication(s) of the untrue tale, and make it so by being as ‘honest’ in your ‘portrayal’ of things as you possibly can.

But no one wants it like it really is, in real life, they want it like it is in fiction, or are told it can be if maybe you wish real hard and work at it and are ‘good’. But that shit just doesn’t stack up. It’s a plate of stinking diarrhea. Shit happens and it occurs to each of us, if you can believe that.

Fiction teaches you all this dogshite and foments the lie, augments the blistering idiot shine and no one calls bullshit on it.

Change It, Then. Okay! But no one is going to buy the truth. They will if we can condition them to, just like they’ve been conditioned to buy the lie, maybe they can readily subscribe to the way it really IS.

It really requires a sea change. All Players Need To Agree And Play The Same Note. Trouble is, there are way too many teams, disagreeing players, and folk so damn caught up in the game of I WIN, YOU LOSE!! ME! That you’re not likely to get it going.

The killer thought they were wronged and began a spree. The hero bent on revenge is basically the same character. She’s a bad guy in a good guy’s disguise.

The ugly duckling turns into a beautiful swan. The book about how you can make any thing work, you just must make the work, work, and put in all the hours and then it will come out all right. But at least 1 book I know of, said it plain, after of course lying to me all up front and wasting my time a good bit, ultimately nothing matters. Bleak ass shit, if you ask me. But, that’s the truth for you.

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the new year doesn’t beckon

Oh, for shit sake. Head hurts. Eyes dry. Can’t read. Stuck on looking at this thing and am betwixt over how and why the damn email posts to this blog, from both of my email accounts, just aren’t. Neither one the simple and most productive way because the dashboard software for this and many other sites of its ilk, livejournal, and this wordpress, blow big chunks of stupid dogshit. Tumblr and Blogger blow these two out of the proverbial pond scummed water. Got an email, write something. Big text, easy to see in your email, and it works. But Tumblr even is a bit off, if you put a parenthesis, it the software, will collect and place in situ, the gobbledygook lettering for html ostensibly, for the parenthesis. Off thing is, one can duly go to the dashboard web and clean it off. But, why should one have to? So, of all these, BLOGGER is best. None of that shit occurs.

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READING 1Q84, by Haruki Murakami, and am absolutely astounded. Highly recommend it.

A while back, going into my local Barnes and Noble noted how the shelves were disappearing, and now today, how the upstairs is almost ALL a kids interactive toy store…well, yeah, but still too, there are new manga, where there wasn’t before, and it’s encouraging…but still, stuff is thinning out.

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By doing other things I’ll often recall what it is I want to write or say. Trick in all this is to have a notepad, working pen, digital recorder, with fresh, long-lasting battery, or, a phone, with all the gimcrack scheiss you desire in one place, like say my BlackBerry BOLD Touch. AND the temerity, to stop whatever it is you’re doing, and write it down!

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Anaslime is NOT Lost Angeles

This nudnick announces a hotel and it’s a star wars themed but only to be in FLORIDA, where there is room and it’s WAY LESS EXPENSIVE to do. So what? D23 was NOT “held”, in Los Angeles.  It was on at the Anaheim Convention Center,  in ANAHEIM.

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