The Solar Grid




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What People Are Just Now Figuring Out Diet Soda Is Bad Only Because The News Tells Us?



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Coughing and Shit

Coughing and Shit. And if only I could make sense of things right now but I can’t. Need sleep I guess. Many of us are sleep deprived. I’m creating things in the night, in the morning, laying in bed while it’s dark, I awake several times in frequent rapid secession with words clauses phrases and character names to write down. Each time I get up I turn on the light grab a pen some paper and get to it. Then I go back to sleep or to turn off the light after setting down the paper and pen in a place along side the left or the right of my bed where I have a pad of paper or two and a bunch of pens, flashlights as well.






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정말 귀엽다!

How cute!

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Deleted fb, twitter, livejournal, tumblr and am toying with this one I guess…oh, blogspot, the blogger…maybe I should just go ahead and lose that one as well. Why not? No one cares and I don’t need any of the writings from any of it, right? No, of course not. Not at all. It’s boring and even depressing I’m sure. Who cares? No one, right? RIGHT. Done. After 14 or 30 or 60 days, the length of time for the successive interactive on the net shit I’ve shucked…to be deleted, permanently…yeah. Of course. Sure. Why not?

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I’m The One

I’m the one who takes the cart in. I’m the one who doesn’t park in the red zone, despite the stupid ass excuse from the asshole who does if you’d ask. (I’m only just…) No. That’s not me. I’m the one who doesn’t do that. I clean up the papers on the bathroom floor and am in pain from the interruption I have to do to the guy who has to clean it, as it seems I’m the one who has to use the rest room when the guy who cleans it has to. I’m the one. I’m that guy, the one in pain about my own existence and having to be in the world with it the way that it is. I’m that guy.
I’m the one.
I’m the one who gets upset when people don’t behave in public as they ought, polite, kind, accordingly, to the way things are in the situation. I’m the one. I’m that guy. That’s me.

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The Biggest News

The biggest news these days would be (if we had sense), would be that some way some how a lot of people are just being swept away in the madness. There’s a lot of no news “news” hysteria or hysterics. Riots and Protests, Arrests and just…nonsense, for no reason. Why are we allowing this crap to happen? It’s not like we need to form another “special” special interest group and control the masses with our way over the top absolute massive total and complete abject revulsion of whatever minutiae point to pointless pivot of cause that concerns only them…Yeah. Shut The Hell Up And Go Away Already.




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