Wearing Black

Wearing black at an awards show is dumb but not for reasons you’d expect.

There’s this ‘sillidarity’ thing on about how many actors will wear black for the golden globes. WHO CARES? An awards show for people who get awards for acting from the ‘foreign press’, or the Bears, or Oscars…Think about it. Are you an actor? Do you need an award to boost your marketability? If the answer is no, and it is for most of us, then, it doesn’t matter. If you can’t make it in hollow wood without having sex with some sleaze bag, it’s none of our concern. Really. If you’ve talent and luck is with you (i.e. Fate Says YOU get jobs, for whatever reason, then none of this matters. You are not us anyway. Most of us will NEVER star in a famous production. So, shut it!!!), then you get to be THERE. Enjoy it and stop trying to justify the guilt you feel for having fate shine on your fat ass. Black hides a lot. Just saying.

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Filthy Dirty Secret

They all want you to go to their website and watch their video in order to trace you and send you all the junk they possibly can. DON’T do it! DON’T click on the video LINK!

Close the browser. Turn off your phone. Pick up a book, a physical book, and read it!!

You’re welcome.

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46 Degrees

It is 66 in Bariloche but 46 degrees here now. Here being 14 miles inland and away from the ocean where I live.

I live by the sea in a house that speaks or the noises outside my head speak, but are not speaking to me, at least, not as I can ascertain. I hear susurrous noises all around, coming mostly from outside. There is a pine tree outside, old, and dying, like we all are. We are all old and dying and one day we’re dead. And so much for that.

It is 46 degrees here and I am in shorts, a couple of short sleeved t-shirts, a short sleeved collared work shirt, a thick cotton cable vest, 1 long sleeved gray sweatshirt, and a thick heavy fleece cotton work vest, zipped most of the way up. On my head I’ve got my nylon work ski cap. Cotton crew sock, and black leather trainers on my feet. I’m drinking cold coffee. Amen.

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SENSITIVITY Awareness Award Goes To….



Anyone? Anyone?

There’s no one left. Everyone has been turned in.

See, you would THINK that with everyone all hip on being "sensitive", folks would be MUCH more tolerant, and understanding.

The reverse seems to be the case. So, there is no winner this year.

We’re all whiners instead, and rude, and arrogant, abusive and pushy, and just so inexplicably intolerant, to say the very least.

Cry for the nation.

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Tortellini For Christmas

Actually we will probably be having Turkey, stuffing, and sweet potato with toasted marshmallow on top.

Lemon juice or Meringue pie. Perhaps Key Lime. I don’t know. But for sure I’m fixing Tortellini for Thanksgiving.

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Giant Cheroot or Turd

There’s a vast cigar or humungous turd out somewhere with our names on it.

What its disposition is, we leave you to decide.

Some say an Angel has died this week, some say a Devil too.

One of our Submarines, is missing, missing, missing. Cue Thomas Dolby song here.

False signs? Lying wonders?

Young men, are you dreaming dreams? Old men, are you having visions?

And what about you women, are you all just screaming for money by turning people in?

I for one do not know.

screenshot 20171121 043520

screenshot 20171121 043520

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The Way of Zen – Wisdom, Compassion & Mindfulness

Now. Keep Going.

Creative by Nature

“Smile, breathe and go slowly. Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh


Much has been written about Zen, but there are 3 essentials that are especially important. These insights and practices flow from the Buddha’s teachings, yet can be applied by people of all religious faiths.

The first is the awakening of wisdom, what Buddha called right view. It’s coming to see the impermanence and empty “self” nature of all that exists. Seeing through the illusions of compartmentalized thinking to a more holistic understanding of how every atom, river, planet, galaxy and living being in our Universe arise together and flow as one interdependent ever-changing whole.

Thich Nhat Hanh describes this as “inter-being.” Einstein, Lao Tsu, Alan Watts and Walt Whitman spoke of this, Van Gogh expressed this flowing unity in his paintings. It is the wisdom of great art…

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