Afghanistan Is Part Of ASIA

Heard tell that at one time a little while ago where it was we read, Afghanistan is part of ASIA. Turkey sits in several different regions. Heard tell Ayran race came from the northern part of what was to later be known as Afghanistan. And it initially was to determine Indo–European LANGUAGE group, a “language classification”, NOT used (at first) as a ‘race’ delineation. Know from a book where a British soldier and a dog travel across and through Afghanistan years after the Soldier’s term of service and Russia’s time there, that there are 2 GIGANTIC buddha statues, and they sit side by side in a cave of sorts, these statues of Buddha? Been there a hell of a long time as well. Afghanistan is part of Asia, it says to me again, although just because of the ‘buddha’ statues, it does not mean that. But, all through the Russian attempt and the U.S.A.’s it occurs to us, like it does with the other concerns around and about, what is China’s involvement? They have a lot more subs than most. They have a lot of purchasing going down in on involved with the African continent. Here in the U.S., it’s touted how awful they are and yet one look around shows a different perspective, as a lot of their PRODUCT is here, in place, and has been for quite some time. Very clever? On whose part? Who is doing the finesse on who? Or whom with whom? Are we, as the general public, just dolts? Do we honestly believe the line? And, if China is was behind a lot of the feeding of the oppositions in the latest super-dupers vs. Afghanistan, if indeed Afghanistan is for sure part of Asia, what then? Aryans are from Afghanistan? Can we do some DNA, or is that how it was revealed? And ho-ho, the idiots who thought Aryans were…from what, Norway? WRONG!!?? AND who supplied that nonsense to the poor boy from Austria who led Germany down a very dark path. And was even supported by American industrialist Henry Ford at one time…feel certain there were others who supplied them too, and no wonder these “conspiracy theories” abound. You have this kind of information which can actually be authenticated, correct? Has ANYONE done the DNA on that couple they found in the Bunker in Berlin? What’s their lineage, eh? Some have speculated the Bastard child was even Jewish…would not want that one out, about, going around. It’s crazy stuff, dig? But some revelation would be good. Apocalypse they call it, revelation. Scary words for some folk. But enough of all this. Not 1 person is going to put it out and say, this was the truth or whatever. Not 1 person or even 15 could say, yup, true. The DNA clearly provides evidence. And the Aryans are from Afghanistan, and Afghanistan is part parcel Asia…and maybe China to boot, but will China come forward now? Will China take a hold on the scene and embarrass its arse like Russia and the U.S.? Or will and can everyone just leave the place be like we all probably should? Eventually, the people there will have to sort it out. Can’t live in the world and not share and eat and use the things around and about without behaving and being somewhat polite, to function in the world, right? How long will the northern part of Korea stand? Who gets that area when or if it should completely break down? Will Korea? Will Russia? Will China? Who knows? Who knows?

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“Tell Me That You’ll Open Your Eyes”

“I want so much to open your eyes
‘Cause I need you to look into mine” –Snow Patrol

THAT you never will does not seem to faze a part of my thinking, incorrectly of course because it’ll never be. It’s not to be. But faith and hope work like this. I have faith it could. I have hope that someday it will. AND further still I must say it HURTS me–pains my soul to carry on with this ridiculousness. It’s ridiculous because you are a TV star and I am a nothing, a no body over here in the dark chasm of — what, loneliness? Or being alone.

I enjoy being alone. Going to the picture show by my self. Eating dinner. No problem. I thoroughly enjoy my journey alone. I must, right? I have been for most of my life. Does not occur I need much in the way of human “companionship.” Does not seem worthy. We do enjoy the fantasy every now and again, of wish, of hope, you’ll come around. You’ll reply to my letters. That fate, that X-Factor of WHATEVER, which states: This person plays baseball ever so well, etc. and so DOES. Makes a great living of it, etc. Because I think we know by now that it is true we are, all of us, BORN to some percentage or extent, for some THING which we prefigure maybe there’s no choice for, over or about. Some of us will be —- 0r —-. Something or Nothing on a grand or more public stage of life.

AND all roles are perfect wonderful journeys which never should be looked askance. But where does that leave us? Where are we? Alone. OKAY. And you are over there. Travelling. Eating. Drinking. Flying. Buying Things. Wearing Clothes, etc. Doing stuff. Recording and showing it for anyone who cares or has the bots.

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Woke up, fell into thinking, well, what would we do if this was our last day?

Still dark out, around 4.30, and perfect for swimming, 5 laps for the multiverses. Then in for pineapple spears, handful of blueberries and some seedless red grapes. Since we wanted to sleep in, went back to bed. Slept for a bit, and then meditated. Now the coffee and chocolate milk into the beer mug. Sipping reading writing. Maybe it will be the last day, perhaps not. Does not matter either way, it seems. This is right. This is what it occurs to us. To thus do and be. Nothing else matters. Ultimately, nothing matters, so they say. This matters to us and it is all right and enough.

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Coffee and Chocolate Milk

Usually it’s Stumptown Nitro and TruMoo. Today, since I did not have my as yet utilized Sir Owlverick’s cold brew, (I CAN’T FIND IT LOCALLY IN STORES. DESPITE WHAT IDIOTIC WEB SITE PAGES INDICATE.), it was the contents of a 12 ounce bottle of Alexandre Family Farm organic A2/A2 chocolate milk, vat pasturized, and, groundworks certified organic bitches brew cold brew 12 fl oz Dark Roast Nitro.

Shook both up and poured simultaneously into my large handled glass beer mug from back east somewhere, where I did not deign to have scratched into the glass a saying such as ‘Atch Mocho’, or some other drivel, a combination I enjoyed for a not so sweet and not so smooth mix, which, did NOT stay MIXED well at all, forcing the person drinking, to consume quickly, which we rather NOT do.

The nitro from groundworks didn’t. There was no spark, spak, fizz, cream from any thing nitro. And the milk is good but not so sweet, which for me, is probably best. I am a bit of a sweet guy, but really rather for health, not have such in my system.

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            But does it really take a sea of idiots to subjugate their selves to succumb to the stupidity of mass control, in order for…or order to…have “order”? Whose chaos is this anyway?

            Closing things again? Masking up because? Would it not be best for businesses all over to stay open alive and have a few people on sick days leave and some yes a few because really that’s really all who in the big picture have died, will die, and, ahem, have, despite the constraints and closures and controls, like, putting the recovering sick with the elderly, thus, yeah, ahem, further killing more in/of the susceptible groups, yeah, Real Smart, Doctors, Experts. Very clever that. DOLTS! You don’t know any better than anyone else. Allow the real evidence to demonstrate and countermand or contradict or prove false your “authoritarian” commands and attempts at control.

            AND PLEASE, DON’T LET’S fall prey to the “them verses they” insecurity, of conservative verses liberal. Or vice versa. It’s all the same Janus Coin, a simple prestidigitation of the ‘powers that be’, to keep the masses looking over there, while all the while, the nasty skullduggery goes right beneath our collective proboscis. What’s going on with the shutdowns? Small People a.k.a., the independent individual spirit, small businesses, where big businesses begin, right? Are KILLED. (Yes, along with the susceptible types, people, cases, but compared to the mass, is very small.) But it seems to me the mom-and-pop shops are more important to keep alive than the folks who may or may not even get killed by the lethal viruses that boomerang around but once found never truly go away forever.

            LOOK, the stupid come and go. Some things, you don’t find out about until much later. But eventually, people come to realize, hey, that’s dumb. Let’s fix it. And, so, they do. Dumb things are discovered, and solutions are remedied. It’s sorted. Let us not worry. Let us live our lives. Let us let our business continue and if possible, thrive. Let’s not close things up anymore. Let’s not mask up again. Stop the real madness here, okay? Toilet paper buying in bulk. Really people? You are stupid. As my old Science teacher in grade school used to repeatedly say, “Don’t Be Dumb”.


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Is it Japan’s fault? NO! There’s a worldwide pandemic on, right? And for all intents and purposes, it could have happened or emanated in a lab about as secure as an American Dentist’s Office. To top that off, add to that, the “discretionary income” funding, the accepted and then denied in court ‘gain-of-function’ funding is was from the u.s., a lab, in China, right near the market where it came from bats for sale, where just down the road is the Chinese version of the CDC. And too, this functionary gain from the tax-payers and laws of the u.s.a., operating with folks, paid for by same, also paying for, supplying a free space for the Chinese Military too, right? And probably agents from same, from the u.s. as well, but, IN China, so, yeah, more than maybe, if it’s from here where the viruses are super-powered, the jump from animals to humans, well, how embarrassing, right? To Say The LEAST!! What the heaven? Why all the hell and crapping on the Olympics, on Japan, as if, they’re the blame for…what exactly? And how can you deny and ignore and sweep under the rug all this crazy bugaboo nonsense? Super Funding Germ Warfare by the least expensive means, everyone looking the other way, or at least lamely vying to prestidigitate, say, Look Over There!! What in the world is wrong with all this? Who just who is the looney here? Me writing this? The people obfuscating whatever? Anyone play-acting like things are back to normal, or, the weather is arma-geddin-us! The Flood And Frogs Are Next. Look How Horrible The Otherwise So Amazing and Wonderful the Olympics are…Please, People, whomever is doing all this, BASTA! Por Favor! Stop It, STOP!!!

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Now, In The Middle of the Drought From Nowhere, You Are To Be Very Afraid of The FLOOD!

Yeah, that’s it. Somewhere someway somehow in the middle of the bat guano shovelling virus jumping to humans where very nearby there was a lot of super heavy discretionary funding from the us no doubt and others in these foreign lands of origins, there’s plenty of snow-pack, we finally ended our 100 year drought, but now all of a sudden there being still no zip nada zilch bupkis evidence to how the viral bus came online, its own 100 year cycle, that, during these 2 years, we are in a drought again all of a sudden, but BEWARE you, because there will now be FLOODING!

What’s next, raining Toads?

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“Rob A Man Of His Subterfuge and He Goes Crazy.” –Ingmar Bergman

I found my Blue Diamond brand, Almond crisps, crackers, quite by accident.A few weeks ago the beloved chips were no more on the shelves where I’ve grown so accustomed, I did not even bother to picture record or memorize the brand or name on box. Why?Then they ‘went away’. And I’ve been so used to their presence and use in my life. Suddenly gone I’ve been spinning. How do I replace it? What with? Do without? Dunno. And it recalls being here in this chair as a place of comfort and in Meditation trying to visualize smiling and a warm glow sun growing out of my chest expanding all throughout everything, but not being able to because yesterday or the day before I was rudely interrupted from writing, my sole / soul handle lock on my sanity, to write and or to read, at leisure, for an unspecified time, to be able to do this whenever I can, and it’s usually when others are asleep, I am and have been an early riser, is my “thing”, me time, subterfuge. So that anything anyone stopping me, keeping me from this tenuous filial practise, just rips my soul, tears me asunder. I put up with a lot of distractions, I deal with a lot in a very detached calm cool manner and usually with the bulk, with very little movement on my part, which I LOVE all the more. I cannot deal with people and things fucking with my writing and reading time. It sets the grooves the moves the tumblers all right for me in my day. TODAY, wandering around in the Grocery Store, I had made a mental note of only a few things and was ending up turning spinning distractedly going up and down same aisles through no fault but my own internal meanderings…I do a lot of it and it is fine, I am for the most part where when I want to be doing this, but for today, it was a bit of effort, and I felt pressure. But because of the turning around and repeated moves through aisles looking specifically for things I’d said, well, I’ll come back and get the chocolate milk if the yogurt drink doesn’t seem right. Well, it was a great deal the yogurt drink wasn’t and the cheese was moldy in the package that I also didn’t grab, because when I went back for the milk, there below AH! My Chips! I promptly grabbed 3 boxes, my usual for the week sometimes, and you can bet I’ll be sure to write down the brand, the variety, and snap a picture of it as well. All so unnecessary now of course. Point is, driven to distraction, the natural course, universe tugging pushing pulling you always into working on your patience, gnawing at you to learn impermanence, to accept, it is not going on for long, etc., well…It seems I have a great story to tell and am grateful. I told the lady at the check out how happy I was that I found my favorite crackers, after she had asked if I had found everything I was looking for, etc. She asked are they a cracker or a snack? I said they are a cracker that is a snack. She laughed. I later explained how for me they’re my deal for less wheat, flour, etc. And I thanked her for allowing me to ‘process’.

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I think of you often. I see you in my dreams. I know it will NEVER be but it behooves me not. I press on, undaunted. I am either completely stupid or very persistent. How important can it be? Mine was a young and foolish heart, seeking love at every turn. Let the past just fade away. Why get lost in yesterday? The important thing is here and now. How important can it be? Well, experts tell us that LOVE is THE thing, and is not to be bandied about. IF only I could touch you, more than the wind touches the sea or sail for that matter, but as continuously for sure, to be certain, it would in my mind and heart mean and matter the most, if reciprocity…if of you and your heart there was feedback…but, there is not. YOU are TOO YOUNG and it is IMPOSSIBLE…yet, my heart knows not IMPOSSIBLE. It only knows possibilities. It COULD. And, in real actual life actuality, it COULD. But, chances are, as a person even looking from the remote exterior, NOPE, nada. HA-HAH!! “FAT CHANCE!” They’d say. Well, phooey on them! I say. It doesn’t click with me in my mind and senses, that, I’d get a NO! GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!!! UNLESS or until we could even MEET and see/say, get a “sense” of whatever the magnetic resonance that is 2 people in proximity. But, it seems to me, that will NEVER be. STILL, I would LOVE for it occurring in my life “reality”, to actuality, to actually occur. I know it could. I really do. Don’t know how or why, but, I do. Just wish I had some power over the elements to “Make It So”.

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To The Future Job-Seeker

Mark thee well my words:


It’s very likely to be the next item newsworthy. At least it may appear, and be a little bother for some.

While it is understandable, to consider, gee, just what is IN this goop of poly-what’s-it-gly-conol??? and am I alergic or will I succumb from it / unknown long-term effects…SOME places may indeed stamp down their Iron Heels. No Jab, No Job.

In addition to your spotless no gap CV, “Where’s Your Card?”

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