Ah Oh Ugly

My goodness! The sore throat pain! Feeling awful. Unable to recover, it seems, from the onslaught of sneezing and body ache. Keeps recurring. I get out and it returns. Oy vey. Dios mio. Fuck! Stop it already!!!


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No. No Time.

No, I’ve no time. I’m not a political author. I’m not a polyglot pan sexual or ethnic bound nor cause hound bent on bashing one and all with my religious enquiry either. I just don’t care.

My beef or concern or cause is fabric of reality. Time. Psychology. Philosophy. Science. Sociology…the why in fuck do people or does humanity not evolve? Why can’t it get out of its own damn way and get and do and be better? How long will it be for people who get sick and tired of all the mess, to really, stop doing wrong or bad things to each other and make sense, better decisions, and have it FOREVER work and work right for the most part for all, in due course? How long?

AND I am especially adverse to reading books by or for or advertised as books by self same type, “types”. Even though, now days, you pretty much are required to be that to sell well. Or, write nasty, shocking, descriptive things, to provoke arch responses …

Happy Passover, day one, eh? Have a ‘good friday’ everyone.

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I Want Everything To Work

Is it so much to ask for? Apparently so. Not as if invariably everything will go wrong, possibly or otherwise, it’s just that more things must work for more people for longer than they are or have been, it seems in order for more people to be genuinely “HAPPY”.

FOLKS don’t shoot others. Nations don’t threaten attempt or even do the annihilation of other nations. Nor do they wipe out their own, advertently or inadvertently. OK? Couple of no brainer ones right out of the PROSTATE right there, hmm? Simple.

But in this world where at least on 1 continent, the phrase ‘common sense’ is bandied about still, it’s UNCONSCIONABLE! This doesn’t exist. There is no common sense.

There are bumper snickers which read Freedom Aint Free. No shit, Watson. Freedom doesn’t exist either. It is PRECISELY this idiocy, elementary in its odor which fouls the airplane on every flight.

People don’t care enough to take care of one another for how would you feel if…If then, you wouldn’t do so, then, DON’T DO IT!

Outlawing the law abiding won’t cure the criminals from doing what they do. There IS an APP for that. A hack will be. The work-a-round will come. You are falling into a great abyss if you think otherwise. The solution might be in how we are raised and cared for and all of us act in public in unison all along the way. (Maybe).

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Is It Like Hollow Wood Is Required To Do A Thing-Meme-Shit-Shizzle On Every Type?

Okay then, if that is the case, Hollow Wood OWES me one.

I must have a movie, t-shirt franchise, ancillary rights on toys, sequels, etc., on my life, story, reality, existence.

Here I am, “loser”, living where and how I do, the work, job, life, career, I’ve had, and, am infinitely unable incapable of being doing any more, but for some dingbat dip shit reason, I need all this adulation, success, and general monetary stimulus influx ingress etc., now and forever, to grow exponentially, and so forth and so on. Now, please, and thanks.

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So, you finally buckled and went and had sex and then settled for some undisclosed sum which now after the statute of limitations has run out as well, and, since everyone else is doing it and you have been told basically to piss off when you asked for more money…SUDDENLY it seems to you, that the court of public opinion will force the creep to give you more money?

Not sorry for you.

Good luck, just the same.

This appears if I’m asked, and, I haven’t been, just as ugly, skeevy, stupid and idiotic as that creeps mooves and motivation. It seems to me you’re no better.




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  I’ve got 2 …

I’ve got 2 passwords written down on a cheat card somewhere, and by golly, there must be 2 or three, but by golly, I’ve gotten offline from my pc and you know, it’s a different one and I’ll have to type that one in when

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SO I have a ticket and bills paid and other stuff and things…one on the way I don’t know any thing about really, and one thing I’m watching and one or 2 others in hand….well, I don’t feel well. Suddenly, I’m peckish and really needing some thing…some one…some how…to fix me.

My tongue is rough along the sides inside my mouth. I feel irradiated. San Onofre is leaking and it suddenly dawns on me how fucked we are. Sad. What to do? Sadly, nothing. There is nothing any of us can do.

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