The Coop Mo Kitty Kruz Miasma Diaspora

Cuomo, Kitty kerfuffle Cross mis-guided people divided nonsense mess has me in a mood, okay? Biden hasn’t done any better than Trump did in getting people innoculated, and that dumb arse could have just got his stupid self down on the books as an uncouth braggart, but ended up soiling us all just like Milhous from Yorba Linda, damn it!

NOW, here are all these other straw-men as it were to look at while Joe is…Joe is…what and where precisely? And Kam? Kam? HELLO!? Where are YOU? What’s really going forth at present, and with what should all of us really be concerned?

FINALLY the local vulture in gray has admitted what should have been the rule all along the way, the individual schools and parents should have been deciding to…fill in the blank Put Our Kids and THE FUTURE front center, back in line, going full force once the science proved it wasn’t a bad thing to get our children back to the books in person, never-mind the or one of the Biggest Campaign Funding Group creating yet one more boondoggle, rather like the stupid rail fiasco and the leaving edd gal who now or at last known aspect has a chance in the Biden regime, and this AFTER the 50 BILLION edd fiasco. 1600 people left just before. How VERY convenient, eh? Will they and their ‘secrets’ be “dis-apporated”?


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We’re SO close, right? All we need is a little more patience.

That’s right. Whistle. Tide IS turning. Numbers can’t be fudged forever, can they? Evidence is coming to show that Pendulum swinging in the other direction. People are sick of the obloquy and are speaking out here and there. We’ve mentioned it before that it’ll happen. It is occurring and things are changing. Buck up, be of good cheer, it won’t be long now.

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So, your neighbors are first responders and are getting sick because they’re having bad reactions. Here at the Coastside we predict obloquy culture will crucify anyone not getting the “cures”, and, that the new “casablanca” team will ‘trump’ up their noise and flatulence in a harold of concatenatious thunder about how perfect right sane normal they are in comparison the old regime. Just between you and I, we thinks it’s no more or less than what has been, and naturally, as most of us know and or can surmise when asked in the quietest of moments, it is all par for the course, snafu, the way that it is, and it seems unlikely any real change in the system is to alter, any time soon, or, at all.

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WHAT in HELL kind of bullshit is and are these wholly inn-E-effective coffee ground strainers that are the new trend in coaches face gear? And what in HELL is wrong with the wholly ineffective gaiter / stocking-knit (at least it’s in the “shape” of the proper CHIN-CUPPING) face covering, that Coaches “consistently” persist in REMOVING, repeatedly throughout coached games, to YELL out commands. What the HELL is wrong with these ‘people’? No wonder their teams are continuing their slide towards higher and higher infection rates. Stupid, over-paid, dumb-ass furkey-tuckers.

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Black Dahlia: Dec. 23, 1949 — Jury Finds Dr. George Hodel Not Guilty of Molesting Tamar Hodel

The Los Angeles Mirror-News, Dec. 23, 1949. Today is the anniversary of a jury of eight women and four men finding Dr. George Hodel not guilty on two counts of molesting his daughter Tamar. I’ll have more to say about this in the days to come, but I wanted to mark the day. Steve Hodel […]

Black Dahlia: Dec. 23, 1949 — Jury Finds Dr. George Hodel Not Guilty of Molesting Tamar Hodel
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Yes, and nothing’s been or certainly not one {1} person has been clamoring for some writing from yours truly. Still, we’ve been writing…on every possible papered surface or computer at hand, truly, we write. We continue to write. We hurt our hands and fingers and glands, however, we continue to write. Probably always will, at least until we cannot. That’s the way it is. It’s the way things go and how we are and everything like this. And, for that matter, everything like that.

We’ve wondered endlessly how only 2 or 7 people produce t-shirts and change the moon, because it seems that this is what has been going on, pandemic notwithstanding, and we all must know by now how very REAL and SAD this is that we’ve been blessed cursed with being alive during this centennial occurrence. 100 years each for duration of not being on between, is that right? Once every one hundred years, a pandemic happens. We just happen to be alive for this one. I was doing some research the other day about how long it was for that one before us to settle. Two [2] years. Oh, boy. Does that mean WE have to wear the face coverings and stay clear of massages and hand shakes and the like for THAT long? Yee-gads. What a drag.

Hope is all the reefer trucks and the best vaccines possible will get into all of our blood streams a lot more rapidly than the last pandemic’s receding nightmare went with its over 18 month decline. Hope is by the middle of 2021, we can get laid and not be afraid beforehand, you know? Take off the coverings…but ALWAYS yes, ALWAYS wear the ‘glove’, because, you know what they say; ‘No Glove, No Love’. I do miss it. I really do. I SO miss the Movie Theatres. I have some service on my phone I guess, but we won’t REALLY experience 5G until after December…really. It’s a joke now. Dead spots. The maps show just where the UW signal will be…no where near OUR home of course, and, it really goads, just to let you know…because I was really with great HOPE to be a HOME user of the 5G UW and secured wifi indoors/outdoors at my pad and just on line 24/7/365, no worries, mate. Update me whenever, chat, email, and too: SCHOOL!!!

Suffice to say, here’s where we are, weekend. Another week looms. I’m doing the laundry and working on setting up this new machine that was finally delivered late last night. I don’t even know what all it has on it or how to get it going…but, I’m learning. Soon I’ll be able to relax a hell of a lot more and just work on the new bits of things I’m going through…comic scripts and this new idea of a book of a sorts I have…it won’t be a novel…might not even encompass a novella, like Rats With Wings…and, even that, I really must read again and get the best non-hollow-wood version on LULU and get rid of the other one….add this latest idea, when where however it comes…and write some more.

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There is a wisdom that is woe; but there is a woe that is madness | Moby-Dick

Reposted Without Permission

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Whatever. I don’t care. The bloviating on at present is too much. All I want, all I need, is when in December is it? The Electoral College is finished, to see the YouTube Video with Adolph Hitler going berserk over whatever the result. Get Busy, Do It Right Now!!

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Seriously Verizon’s five geez

Even the Juggernaut with the Minty green is offering five g, but so what? Verizon’s done the wrong way. SO long in delay and then there’s this 5G upgrade the other day. And for one day when the phone skipped to 4GLTE and five gee, would work fine. NOW however it the 4G still works well. But when the system wakes up, and phone flips to five geez, NOPE. A person thinks, hmm, do I want to go to apples and a t t? No. One marvels at how nasa and Nokia are paired to do 4G on the moon. 4G, on the Moon. Sure, it’s going to be full on Halloween, but so what? Why can’t we have Fully Functioning 5G now? And, MORE places with 5GUW. This phone says 5GUW. And the consumer believed he would be able to get it, really, without having to load useless software. Useless as the bugs are buffering whenever it says 5G on the screen. What is the problem?

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We Hesitate

Hesitating…that’s what Internet is doing and has been of late. Vizzy turned its five/gee? ‘On’, via software update. Why? Wasn’t it here before? Why didn’t we go to Sandy Eggo and try it out first? Damn it all!

And Mr Guy’s ‘minty-green’ mobile service is even offering “free” five/gee. It’s a fooking juggernaut. The whole thing is buffering to no end. And needless to say, annoying the heaven right out of us.

Not even these delicious Croissants are of much assistance.

Newport Doughnut is in Costa Mesa
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