5G. It’s not actually available in most areas, and they’ve said it’s coming and the best since not having to put coloring into your butter.

To HELL WITH THEM! They want to charge you with 1,000.00+++ clams for what exactly? No phono jacks. No Media Card slots. And, GSM networks only, for the most part. TO HELL WITH THEM!!! I don’t give a hoot in hell about all these motion capture myriad lenses. I’m just shooting pics of clouds and odd birds on City Lamps here there, you know? The odd product somewhere. And a phone camera with EASY screen grab. I’m NOT playing video games nor am I watching movies. The occasional video but not much more. I have music and writing and NO PATIENCE for the HELL that is transferring data. I MUST HAVE MEDIA CARD TRAY. And as much as I love my Bluetooth earbuds, I’m not buying a phone without audio jack. Sometimes the battery dies. You’re in a fix for AC and charging times. You need the WIRED PLUGGED EARPIECES, of which I have many, for various reasons we cannot go into now. So again, if you’re a phone company or carrier, GET OFF THE DIME AND DO IT RIGHT, AND DO IT RIGHT NOW! AND preferably for 800.00 out the door. Case companies, the Manufacturers of cases for these ‘beauties’ get it ON NOW too!!!

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How about some stories where people aren’t some special butt hurt group that’s tiny but getting big news (Hence fake news maybe?), that wants to change how the rest of us have to function, against common sense and sensibility, and very definitely against our wills and the real common good.

How about some stories where the general crowd just abolishes by ignoring and not being offended by obnoxious presidents and other public figures and pundits.

How about some stories where things go back to normal and things actually do make sense.

Where peace reigns and we no longer have to live in fear, worrying about what how and to whom we say anything.

How about stories like this?

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IT happened some time ago, long before ARPANET, and after the 60’s assassinations sprees began, but have been hitting people and nations especially hard of late, wherein people are turning on each other, in same groups and subsets, all otherwise cordial same people, protect care back up and support, stand by forever people family people, and doing so in exponential numbers.

We’ve lost something, one another, and common love or sense has gone.

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When you’re in traffic or finally parked and early to some event you want a moment of relaxation before, and, there are these JackHoles with their 2 block sound systems and, it’s NEVER playing anything nice?



WHO the hell in their right minds actually actively “listens” to this unlistenable NOISE? It’s especially bad at night when it’s your neighbors next door, across the fence, whatever. From sun-down till sun-rise. The same damn song, on repeat. Are they priming their pumps for warfare? What in life is wrong with these “people”????

And more important, what can anyone do to stop it, once and for all?

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Wait a minute, are grasshoppers doing the stunning of Tourists in Vegas? Some headline feed on my browser revealed that Tourists were stunned at or by grasshoppers, apparently by the thousands are there. Unn, okay. We were missed by a City Sized Meteor, and they almost didn’t notice, those whose job it is to LOOK? Hmmm. Well…yeah.

Went into a theater on Thursday at 3:30 and it filled by 4 only to start a show around 4:30 almost. All those Previews! JojoRabbit…looks most promising.

Saw “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”. I was surprised. Might go see it again. I can recommend it. I rarely see films these days for a second time on their 1st Run.

Two more films, “Echo In The Canyon”, and I’d rather hang out with Jackson Browne than the rest of them. What was that structure in the background? It was nice to get some tunes and tales. Who is this JADE CASTRINOS singer? She’s interesting.

Third was “The Art of Self Defense”. It was clever. I liked it. But it’s more an experiment, and…seems well, flawed. Like THE FAREWELL from last week, it felt like a Student Film, and the STAR, really wasn’t Awkwafina for me. Zhao Shuzhen was THE takeaway star for me. What a riot she is. Perfect!

And I can’t wait for LOOKS LIKE WE MADE IT, The Barry Manilow Story, starring Bradley Cooper.

And, for Tarantino’s 10th, rumored to be SOYLENT GREEN, with the same dynamic duo as in #9.

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It’s Very Tricky

It’s a wonder women are able to deal with men at all. I’ve met some really sweet people at work of late. I’m pelting them like crazy, because I am, and am very smitten, the only reason I’m talking to them at all is because of that. Hardwiring. And I’m so grateful at how graceful they are. What a precious event it is that these 2 girls of late I’ve had my eyes on for a year, I’ve only just been able (the circumstances have yielded the bare minimum of excuses), to ask them things about themselves or life outstanding, and I feel so grateful that they’ve not turned me in to the authorities…so far…so good. They’re not all catty. Their souls are still good, it seems. And you sort of wonder, hope it’s not going to be true, your thoughts that, well, they’ve not had a lot of shit on them by life yet. In general, but so too, they’ve not had a lot of men doing bad, terrible, nasty things to them yet. You seem so wanting to say to yourself, in light of how sweet they are to strangers, and specifically so, to this crazy, bat-guano man.

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Why Do You Do What You Do

Do losers want winners to lose just because? Is that why they break and take others down? Is this why they try and whine and bitch and complain?

I can’t stand it when you lose!

It’s not, I “hate” it, or “detest” when I win. In fact, I’m a little nervous when things go my way a lot. I mean, when when we don’t have to think a lot about how we’re accomplishing deeds, when there’s not a constant, stop, start something else, do that, stop, go back to the other thing, diddle or fiddle or whack that a bit, stop, finish, move on…well, the normal order of the day, sometimes, in some circumstances, all throughout, why, that’s enough energy sucking out of a person’s being for a month sometimes. REALLY.

Being in the moment, unconscious of it, just doing, efficient effort, one thing after another getting done, it’s a heavy burden, sometimes. Personally, we wonder about another shoe dropping. SCARY!

HOWEVER, it is in fact wonderful. We are grateful. Scared, but appreciative. There’s this grace overall, it seems.

People say, nothing worth doing, is done sans effort. I call bullshit. My experience, I’ve had hell struggle and results are horrible. I hate and can’t stand. I’ve had ease of use ventures and have loved things as they go and as they turn out. So, I’ve had both. I’ve struggled long and hard and gotten what I needed or wanted and have appreciated the great out of that as well. I don’t agree with the statement, you only get good or great out of things you really have to fight in order to achieve or acquire. No. And it also occurs, I appreciate all manner of gratitude towards the states of being and things across the board I’ve acquired. That is things and stuff, states and presences, I appreciate, period. I know to. Hope always to. Hope I always know the difference and can appreciate them. Hope to realize more and more and always that, it’s the invisible that, intangible interaction, with LIFE, in whatever facet it presents, that is where the real or best of, reality exists, if it exists at all.

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