Got to sleep in and that was very nice. I actually slept in! Funny, folks I know said as much about their time this weekend. What was it about this weekend that allowed for that? The wind of late died down? The deaths of many dear people? Henry, Sean’s Dad, what?

  Saw GANTZ. And thoroughly enjoyed it. Didn’t much like the people in the audience of course with their talking and giggling the whole way through…don’t they know the thing was going to be like this and couldn’t they just shut the hole for a while? Sad.

 12th of Feb. for Henry’s Day at the Park. I hope to be there and hope a bunch of other people make it too…it’s going to be late and dark and past my bedtime and all, but who knows? I can go for a bit and then leave a little before dusk I’d say. Hey, some other time. I would like to make the real party at the dinner place I’m getting the day off work for next week…no, that week, damn, can’t get another day off now…well, how am I going to save up? How can a person live real life with all these interruptions? That’s what life is, I know, and it’s that which allows for you know, perspective in/on things and all, but so what? I don’t care. I want to get stuff done, and a giant ice factory is just what I need, right? Well, no, stop quoting Talking Heads lyrics: What’s that over there? A giant ice factory. Nice place to get some thinking done. Whatever. Moving on.

  Missed Morford’s presence this weekend. He was in Santa Monica today doing the heated room yoga and book stuff after. Did the Book Soup thing on Thursday…but, ah, crap. What could I have done? I would not have been able to enjoy going up there or getting a place to park and might have been late as it were and I couldn’t really deal with that so much I don’t consider, and so I didn’t do that event, but it’s book and writing and important and all, but, dammit, you know you have to be at peace too with your life…can’t just jump into the frazzled fray of nastiness and slipshod it all off and over the top and ah I am delirious. I need sleep. Have to fold my clothes that are doing their last bit of air drying from the overly stuffed drier that left things just so. Perfect. Sleep, perhaps I’ll be out for the whole night and wake up on time or not.


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