Is it just me or did that article on March 2010 Vanity Fair on Ireland‘s financial crash make NO SENSE what-ever?

No current possession of MAIL, Dorohedoro, EDEN, Gantz, or the many others I suscribe to…stories I’m following…but, I did get a hold of Black Jack and another Osamu Tezuka title. Pisses me off that I don’t have another MPD: Psycho. That was another good one…and, what about an English language version of ERGO PROXY? There’s only one in Deutsch, that is, German or is it Francasie? French, oui.

You got the Lincoln Lawyer coming out, a film about Assassinations, of Lincoln, by Robert Redford, and no news of what we want: The Rum Diary…and nothing about Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s work…and nothing about Who Killed Hunter S. Thompson, edited by Warren Hinckle. Nothing! Lame. Very lame.

I have a copy of Richard Kadrey’s SANDMAN SLIM. That one’s the first in the “trilogy”. I have already read number 2, KILL THE DEAD, which I just showed up for at my local Barnes and Noble, for a book signing. I thought it was a manga by and about someone else…but it wasn’t, and, IS a great fiction literature series. Good stuff. Good Writer. I’m liking it all thus far.

Victoria beer from Mexico is now available at Von’s. I’m happy. 8 plus bills though. Vanity Fair for April, no fooling, is in my hot hands…I’ll read about Egypt and such…but NO MORE KENNEDY NONSENSE! Who cares about them?

I want something else. I have a notion that, next week at this time, hot and heavy, we’ll be in the belly of the beast, and that for sure, as, it’s bound to be HOT and SMOGGY and I’ll you know, need a costume change…have to…and, where and how will I do it?

In L.A. I’ll be, Montrose, off the 210 Fwy, somewhere near the 2 or Glendale Freeway. I’m going to Vroman’s in Pasadena beforehand. I’ll go by some place near my friend’s house and get something to eat and share…we’ll have fun, lose an hour (It’s Daylight Saving Time next Sunday.) I’m also going to go to SWAINS art supply store too. I’m going to do something, but don’t know exactly what, I’m going to do.

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