What Happened

Had a great weekend in spite of the capacity of my heart for breaking and the news of the world a shaking and nuclear power plants exploding. People dying. People living or being born. It’s all of a piece, and as overwhelming as it can be or is mostly for me, I kind of like it.
Some chum from college asked last night if I was happy. Quick answer: No, not really, but, guess it’s all relative. It’s all relative, I suppose. Yah! That’s right. Relative. Suppose. Yeah!
Ran errands and walked a pace on Colorado Boulevard, eating salmon and rice out of a black plastic bowl, while sucking it all down with a can of some green tea. I was on my way to move my car to park behind the theater to see Daniel Hernandez read from his book. I managed to get my friend LM to go as well, which was essential I felt, HE told me about Daniel, his writing, the Blog and all.
Well, there we are. Here we are. There we were. I should have stayed I’m glad too I left and lost an hour somewhere in there, to Spring fwd in my own miserable bed, alone. Allergies, you understand. I’d love to know just what food combo I could utilize to rid my self the bulk of this ‘congestion’. Has to be some cute little or just right sized KK Nutritionist, who can help. Dunno. Just use companionship for sex. Nothing more. A lot (ha!) less. {From The Handheld}


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