I’m concentrating. Thinking. Many items to do before the sun goes down. Hope I get them all in before they evaporate like so much radiation, into the sky.
UP NEXT: Green Bile: Baccanal Juice. From the angle of repose, (in my bed as I saw and thought of this), reflected on the back of my computer screen my new old TV, the Vizio 27″ computer monitor, are the bright orange colored Tangerines and the crinkly dark green leaves of the tree in my neighbor’s backyard. Now, as I write, I see them directly, in the spotty sunlight, coming and going as the clouds pass by. Seagulls high above, flying, their higher-anarchy of spin wheels in the sky as they amass for school playgrounds and landfills inland, after a night’s kip on the beach. In the afternoon, they’ll do much the same and head back out to the coast.
Speaking of the beach, and of activity and I must do Tai Chi and Meditate AND balance my check-book first…I have this idea to go to Long Beach, California tonight, to a book store, where a guy I knew remotely from High School is playing, his band, the Whistle Blowers. The store: Gatsby Books, 5535 E. Spring Street, Long Beach, CA., 7 p.m. tonight, FREE!!
Reason being, the play, Double Barrel Detective Story, is sold out. That’s a play that I know a couple of the people in, and really am interested in catching.
BOLD BOLD BOLD is on my mind. I want to be on line and have a phone that works well and every where and the BlackBerry BOLD seems to be it. I will buy batteries or whatever until I get sick of it and if it stays with me keep it until I die. Or something like that. The new htc Thunderbolt is not enough. Weak on battery. Hear tell it freezes…what? Many too many apps running will freeze any thing…even a BlackBerry…but, ah, if you can’t use it in Mexico? Where’s the good in that? Not my kind of phone, despite the obvious app thing screen touch…and, to consider, I think I’m in line for a PAD computer of some sort soon any way. I don’t know as I know for sure that what I heard yesterday that I have a 6 month deciding window, is true and for 70 bucks, a new phone, my screen’s bad, my battery…worse? Well, no new cables or learning things to learn really…so, smoother transition for sure I’d think…why not bounce bunch jump etc be BOLD?


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