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On the way to my house are 2 items of sundry. 1) Planetronics Wireless headset. Combo Microphone and earpieces that fit over and around my ears, and are adjustable…hope is enough for MY fat head. 2) Sneakers, by Sketchers, the company that was named after a drug habit of consuming SPEED or methamphetamine. These are slipper types, with good rubber soles, that, should satisfy the itch for the Merrells of the same type, which THEY want 80 plus dollars for. The Sketchers are posted as less and have been ordered for less as well because of the discount code applied for etc from the site that sells them. Nice. Hope this works.
Went by Long Beach tonight. Picked up a book called 2012, about how it’s all going back to the Mayans…or something like that…and, saw the Whistle Blowers…Don Grose’s band. A few buddies who’ve been playing since grade school. They were practising a couple of new songs…the music type is American Roots Music…in that, it’s blues, rock, traditional, country, rockabilly, etc. Bass is a 6 stringer, a lead and rhythm guitar, both big hollow bodies, and a drumkit. Pretty basic and played in a beautiful bookstore on East Spring Street, near where I used to live…just down the street in fact where I saw many a movie at a theatre that is no longer there.

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