What The …

What happened to the world I grew up in? Is it all the same, the tragic world of meagre sustenance in a world of over abundance, just applied over and over with burgeoning negativity; that it only appears feeble, but really is overwhelming, overflowing; too much to bear, of good and bad amounts, the same.

Why am I befuddled? So incapable, unwilling, unable, to comprehend, my stupidity? Why don’t I make the best of what I’ve got? Move it, shape it, change it, all in order to make more, to satisfy more, and realize, and be more grateful, of what I do have –make do with less–cut back, learn how to sustain the refrain, enjoy the music, as it plays.

Ever enjoy the music as it plays? NOT try to change the channel alter the course adjust the volume treble balance. CAN (you) we just let it ride?

Ride Ride Ride, Would You Let It Ride? –Bachman Turner Overdrive. Let It Ride.

And some other song, something about hide or ride…and going in or throwing in after.

Ride it, Ride it, Come on, Yeah! –LA Woman, The Doors.


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