You Should Be Reading

Dunno what’s most important right now, after multiple visits to 3 facilities, mocking my self variously for several things, ha! And, you know, what is this? This thing called ‘Life’?
Should I be writing (this?), right now? Should I be reading? I should be reading right now, right?
It’s ‘desire’, to or for. And you expend energy going to or away from that which you want or don’t want. Some things are short in getting to/from, others, are a long time in ‘achieving’. Nothing is worth more or less than any thing else. It’s all just a perception game or trick of the synapse. More later perhaps. I have to read now. So much to say, so much to read, no time, which is all an illusion till I can’t get pay from losing a job because I’m always late, and I got fired, all because I wanted to say after figuring, what it was all about.
I’m not late because I’m responsible. I’m not late because I try too hard and come in way early and get prepared, because I want to get paid so I can get laid and have books to read and maybe some where in there have books (in my head at first), to write, and then one day write them, or maybe not. At least for to say and always just for trying. At least that is the illusion, at the very least, the desire. Delivered Via Aether


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