Just Like Poodles In The Sea

Oh yeah, they’ll all know about it. They’ll be watching you, just like poodles in the sea. Woke up this morning, unable to get back to sleep an hour before my alarm was to ring for to get me up, to get ready to go to work, and this is what I thought: I’m finally insane now. I’ve lost it. It’s time to write that novel. I’d said years ago you’d have to be insane to write, a novel, some thing with characters plots settings and all…to remember every thing about it, all along the way, as you’re writing…taking your time…what, you’re going to crank this thing out in 6 months, a week? Don’t consider it. It could take years now. And your Dad would die, your Mom would be long gone, and, who knows, maybe your Sister too. But you alone would be left to tell the tale. And there’s no one’s going to call you Ishmael, and there’d definitely be no reason to. You’re not writing Moby Dick, or the White Whale, you’re no Nathaniel Hawthorne, or….none of that. But what was more important to note was that, no one of your immediate family’d be around to see it, and I said oh yeah, yeah they would. The watch it, watch it, culture. The TV, how do you think they got it? We’d all be watching you. (Dead, in the after life.) Like poodles in the sea.

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