HOPE IS, we’re out of the Land of the guys pissin on the floor in front of the urinal: “Whassa mattah dewd, ya have so much wang, ya can’t handle it?” The Land of No More Pissin on the seat: “Come On! Why can’t you lift up and, (YES! You HAVE TO!) HOLD up the lid?!!!”
I am so tired of MY exacting standards, that allow me to be so irrevocably tweaked, when I use the rest rooms around town, only to find this ‘crap’, so described. I have to First Clean Up after these Flabby Paddies, and then use the Facilities, and then (Minimally of course, because I’m so perfect!) clean up after my own self…and then move on to the next Avenue of Destruction.
YES! A few days off (2 weeks.) And this might be considered the first day off. I got it off at the engagement of the Event last night. I forgot it was tacked to my Holiday, I put in for Months and Months and Months ago. We’ll have a weak paycheck next Friday unfortunately. Not able to do much of anything I don’t consider. No real trippage stuff. Oh well.
Hanging out at The Filthy Peasant right now. In the Blue Room, of course. And we’re fueling up some more for the busy day ahead. Had some excellent, all you can eat Korean BBQ, with Friends last night, and we’re doing quite well today. Up at 6, hanging out, under gray skies. It’s BEAUTIFUL! [Been too hot and sunny from the get-go, lately.] Had ‘First Blush’ brand’s, Syrah Juice for starters after some Alkaline water. No swimming, no tai chi. But serious email internet checking on the newly restored landline phone and internet line HP desktop. (NET out for 3 days!) Just one of many reasons I’d never go all net with a school or paying for things. Nuht-Uhhh! NO. Unreliable. Frack telling me to have faith on that. You kidding me? NO! What else? Dunno. More later perhaps. Battery down and hunger up again. Pool scrubbed. Bleach cakes in the 3 floaters. I’m done. Want a nap. Want more my ribs to quit pain and to have sex every day, with at least 50 grand to spend on this holiday fourtnight. Gotta get glasses and write some checks after balancing the checkbook. {From The Handheld}

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