Hills As Such

‪‪ “What in Sam Hill has gotten into you?” My Mother used to say. And “Jimminy Cricket!” ‘ON’ would be more apropos, no? What ON Sam Hill…if it’s a Hill, and not what, a person? Right. So, you know, San Juan. That was the Hill they stormed ‘ON’, right? WRONG! It was another next to it, a hummock, [Kettle Hill] that sounded less
interesting, and so San Juan it was. Like, He’s Dead, Jim. He’s dead. Okay. Proof! You don’t need it. Take my word for it, all right? We don’t do that kind of thing around here. Well, well, yes, in fact we do. But so what? When you go to get your passport, you get money to the original source, and they sort of make an original for you. And that’s not a long form, and no one bitches and moans about it. In time your passport arrives, and these days, with an RFID. You could get a long/record of … but that wouldn’t be necessary. Because it just isn’t. The long thing is something else. Part and parcel of your birth record, but so what? Jimminy Cricket! People, there are more important issues at stake. We’re killing in Afghanistan; Cambodia, Laos, Paris, Paraguay, Iran, Syria, Iraq; wherever there’s oil, right? People are being beaten at Sporting events for no good reason…and, as if there were a good one? What then? It’s a Sporting event. We’re all here/there to watch a show. Leave one another be. What in or on Sam Juan Hill, has gotten into you, onto us?‬ {From The Handheld}


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