WED. MAY 11th, 2011
AND as the night goes on, I’m reminded by what one chum from high school once told me. He wrote in my book at junior or senior year, something like; “Keep listening to the music, it will save your soul,” or something like that. Troy Mack was the man’s name. His Dad was a pilot for Pan Am airlines. I think he was in my scout group. He got into music a little more than I did, and I got out pretty much, or something like that. He’s right of course. For now, the ugly wave that came upon me today left later on. Music helped. I was able to see some musicians together still doing this tune: Ritual: Nous Sommes Du Soliel, by the prog rock group YES. Progressive Rock. Some kind of adjective to color a label on musicians who knew of music history, could read and write it, and had quite the fancy artsy fartsy music when compared to just banging on the old piano, as it were. Lucky me all these years. To still be here, have some hearing, sight, sense, smell; but I don’t know about some taste…or sense really. A lot of music is really flowing through me right now. Wish I could catalog it, describe it, share it with you. Music Market, that music store in Costa Mesa, where the drug store is now, and everything else. Movie theatres…there and across the street. There used to be an ice rink, and on the other side, Kona Lanes, the bowling alley. I couldn’t say to this day which way the alleys ran. East West? Rolled the balls into the sunset? Or south, towards Newport, parallel Harbor Boulevard, where the main entrance was? Dunno. Ice Capades Chalet, the rink where my first real girlfriend and I held hands and skated to ‘If You Leave Me Now’, the love song by Chicago, at present day then, way back when. Sad song really. Real sad. It was about a break up, or impending one, and yep, she did. But I was okay with it at the time. Very mature. But oh the pain over the years. Pain. Sucks. Really does. Oh well. It’s 12:05 AM now. I really should (though I just don’t care to), go to bed. What have I got to look forward to? End of the world on 21st of May? But what about 12/22/2012 or whatever such as that, when the Mayan calendar just simply turns to zero, the world’s not supposed to end then, but some people seem to think so. Well, I do know this: If you just so happen to die on that day, then, I think I can unequivocally say: ‘the world did ‘end’ that day’, for YOU! Just like those who keep saying idiotically after a big devastating quake: “Well, that wasn’t the ‘Big One’. Well, it is and was if YOU die, jackass!”


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