Sunday Will Never Be The Same

 This SUNDAY, the 22nd of May, 2011 will never be the same if we all make it and the scammers are still scamming and the folks who told us the world was going to end on Saturday turn out, in fact, to be wrong, will be, and then, will have to rely on their old stand by, the 12/21-2/2012 Day The (Mayan Calendar goes to Zero, which it has before.) World WILL END!!!

Word. Words. Friend of mine’s Brother wrote WORDS, in response to my Friend’s comment about current weather. ‘Words Words Words, What Do They Mean?’ Another Friend wrote how his paper in college was marked up by an instructor. Well, word was, in the beginning, and that’s baseball in the bible. And, it’s a triumph, of david, a motorcycle reference, and that as well has meaning. But so what? Another Friend said once: “Well, if we weren’t here at the beginning, we might as well be here at the end.”

NO. I’m NOT the one who started all this The World Will End On Saturday, routine. And no one knows when it was generated or by whom. But, one thing is for sure, people perpetuate the thing, and no one really knows just why this is, other than perhaps, folks just want to be friendly, just want to be a part, to belong.

Pigeons in the Park? Children feeding them…remember, it was in 1980, from the film Stardust Memories, we found, Rats With Wings, right?


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