My holidays are over tomorrow night when I go to bed before the sun goes down. Hope is I won’t have to go to sleep or wake too early…but so too, that I’m ready and will do fine. I think I will. I’ve had a restful time. I’ve spent some change and all, but all in all, didn’t do too bad in that department. Of course I would have liked to have read more and cleaned up around here, and found a new thing to write, and job to deal with, etc., but some things just can’t be rushed, eh? Time takes time, and I’ve got a lot of it apparently. In my darkest moments I want to leave, because I don’t see what I’m doing or thinking about doing, or whatever, as worth anything…but who cares, and so what, and so forth and so-so as that. Big deal. The End. (For now. More later of course.) Enjoy!


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