jer·e·mi·ad (jĕr’ə-mī’əd) pronunciation

“I’m not taking a stand — I’m not for anything or anyone. If we give Howard a speech at the end of the show, what would he say? I think I would like to say something against the destructiveness of absolute beliefs. That the only total commitment any of us can have is to other human beings.”

Paddy Chayefsky, Notes On NETWORK, his screenplay for the movie. From: The New York Times Online.

  OKAY. So, I’ve gone through mail and posts and stuff. All except for being on Twitter to make a few comments, but, so what? I’m tired. Need a nap now. I’ll have it…but if I do, you know, I’m going to mess up my sleep and be a-wake all night, right? Must have COFFEE! Strong, Hot, Bitter, Straight, COFFEE!! Right away. (I’ll be back.)

Water, and a doughnut. Actually, it’s a banana, and I have my own bottle of making through 3 filters, alkaline water in a refillable drink container. Some special thing with a floating filter inside, a filter lodged on the bottom center, and one in the lid. Interesting.

Tomorrow, I go back to work. I’m up now to facilitate the time body making me get up with the start of 5:45 then, I have a uniform ready, but must change it at the first opportunity. Maybe I don’t. Maybe I thought to empty my locker, and if I don’t get my butt over there now to get one in time, I won’t have time and it won’t be open the place to get the outfit, tomorrow morning, when I need it most, and really don’t want to be late or not showing up right. Right? I don’t know. Can’t say. Can’t remember and is it really important now any way? I wanted to say something for the public and out loud right now.

I wanted to talk about happenings in the world where folks talk romantically about Rapture. The, and at 6 tonight, when I’m (hope is), fast asleep, we’ll all be gone. OR, some of us will. But, the world won’t end until the 21st of October…according to this fellow named Camping. There is a site to which I’ve come to know about such a man who is known to have indicated to his followers, that this is to be, tonight, at 6 and then the conclusion of every thing is in October. Well, okay. But, what about Maya? The Mayan Calendar says that…well, it as well, it’s just going to go to ZERO. That’s that. And, it’s done it before. This time, on 12/21 or 22, 2012. All right. Planets, Line UP! And the Counter, that is the Calendar, Zero’s out. Then of course, it’ll begin again, starting from Zero and going to 1 and so forth and so-so. This has come and gone before and some folks think: End Of The World! But I don’t.

  It’s a great Marketing Guru Scheme. So, we’re all talking about it. Success! We’re all exchanging goods and services. Success! It’s all good. But, what is with the Chayevsky stuff? Dunno. Let me figure it out, in time.

If I just save this draft, I’ll get busy or forget about it, and that will be that. I’ll not want to post it later because it’ll seem to have lost its meaning. So, just I just suffice to say I’m glad we’re all okay and hope is one day we’ll all go to sleep and not wake up or have to worry about a thing some time in the future which no one knows a thing about? It’s been a good BS test and every one has passed. Or, most of us any way.


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