Painful A Dark Lesson Learned

Guess I learn things in a painful way. Not always, but some times. It requires pain. For example, I once went on a hot day to an amusement park. With thongs, flip-flops, go-aheads, go alongs. The between the Big toe and the one next to it, flat, flappy, soft flexible foam thing, made in China, (a really great shower shoe or around the house if you’re with carpet-less floors and you don’t have to worry about running into…), and I STUBBED my toe. Cut abrasion. And I swore and cursed and was mad as could be. I had that sore toe in loose fitting white socks and Keds or PF Flyer’s sneakers on, the rest of the Summer. I would NEVER, from that day forth, “do” an Amusement Park, within the confines of “sandals”.  DUH! Hot concrete. Sharp corners. Thorns. Trash. Metal Steel Iron Horses, All Manner of Sundry to stomp, break, thrash, trash, and tear at you.

Never mind that the between the toesy sandals turned out bad for your back and arch supportless shoes in general are bad for you…never mind all that nonsense. Yeah. Point is, PAIN. Pain crossed my path and I cursed it for all its worth. I got into it. I experienced. And, I changed my way from that day foreward. Good or bad. I could still “do” sandals, and I’d be more careful and all, but I won’t. I will NEVER do that again. And, I have a story I tell to people as a result. How about that?!

The thing to discuss discover and debate and all is that, like the cat who once burned on the stove, never goes near any stove ever again, learning through pain may not be the best of decisions or things to deal or be true to/with. The stove is not always hot. It can be managed. The cat in this example may or may not go up there again, you never know. That was just an example. I don’t know all there is to know about that. Don’t even know about the cat and the box and this guy named Schroedinger.


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