Sucks Is Life

So, let me get it right: Now, in New York state, or until some ‘group’ can find a ‘loop-hole’ and rip it up again, homosexual people can go through the same suffering straight people can, and it’s payment goes to the state, legally. So what? It’s not going to balance the budget. You kicked out the Mormons and they moved to Utah and even if you legalized gateway herb cannabis sativa, it still wouldn’t. Everyone is bandwaggoneering and it sickens me. I don’t give a rat’s arse. People in our own locale are dying or living on the street and they don’t need to. Everyone of us if we want, should have a house and running water and flushing toilets, etc. But we don’t have it. Earthquake’s a’ coming, and I don’t mean just a temblor. NO. Serious ground movement, building shattering, infrastructure ripping…a…part. Shit. Devastation. Right around about September seems right. In the thick heat heap of it. At least for around here. P.S. How come New York ‘passed’ it so easily, and California still has its head up its ass? {From The Handheld}


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