YEAH, that’s right. BEFORE. Murders, Suicides, Arguments, Robbery, Assault, and Battery. (Cue: Genesis, Seconds Out, “Robbery, Assault and Battery”) The ANTS have heard the call, in record numbers, they are all dead in the pool. Dead by suicide, I reckon. Came to drink from the waters, and then died. Fell in? Pushed? Who knew? Or, knows? I do, right? What the fuck. Rhetorical. Don’t answer that one. No more idiotic feedback posts, people, all right? All right! Okay.

Sirens in the water, or one water maiden, nymph, something. I just swim when I can and get the hell out, as much as I’d love to stay. What’s the danger there? Where’s the harm? It’s my exercise, my goal, my ‘path’ to enlightenment, because I can’t do math, I don’t understand it, too confusing, can’t arrive at an answer immediately, fuck it, move on. Something else. There’s a lot to confuse you these days, and the full moon where (Yeah, admittedly.), there are a few more calls of mayhem, between the hours of 12 and 3 a.m., than on any other night…but that’s when they come any way. Humanity, humans (?), at their worst. Just like folks at an amusement park, between the hours of 12 and 3 or 4 say, idiots in a great big way. For the workers, they’re tired of it, by then, long since past points of recognition…should have been home safe in bed, hours ago. But any way, to get back on point, not get distracted…the pool…ah, fresh, clean, (more or less), water, to swim in…because I can’t do track or sweaty nasty used gym equipment, doing it with others, the stench, the confluence with of to for by others. NO. That’s not me. I have this, and if not for the humidity, swimming season would be over. Yes, there’s a time when I can’t even get in, from when to when, that, 61-2 degrees in the air, and 76 in the pool, unknown in the house, is way too cold. The water IS like ice and the body shivers. Yeeyup, time to go. Call it quits. Enough show. Done.


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