Sure, horrible. Right. Still. Move on. Right. Horrible. Still. FRACK!!! I KNOW!!! But seriously, I think they’re right when they said if we’d just have rebuilt the two places like as before, like they rebuilt our Pentagon, (that, they did), and mentioned that, a lot more, and showed that, a lot more and Shanksville, A-HA! How apropos! SHANK! I’ve been shanked. We’ve been given the shank, etc. Feel as if we’re being led along…it’s only the New York City show…f-NYC!

And then, NOT INVADED ALL THESE countries…not instigated Patriot Act, or certainly knocked it off 4 or 7 years ago….I mean, come on! This could be a treasonous act, you know? How dare you think for your self and out loud and all like that. Disrespectful, ugly, etc. Right, it is. Horrible. I know. But come on! I went to work. They can’t win. Who can’t win? They’re dead. Took normal placid every day things, and turned them against us. Well, who’s doing that to them? Any one? WTF! We wouldn’t be in these wars or circumstances in the first place if we hadn’t implicitly, explicitly, illicitly, FOMENTED it in the first place!!!

I can’t get all worked up about it. A country that can’t even take care of itself properly. Sure, it’s all I know and I’d rather be here. I think all of what occurred in several cities in several states and districts and all, and all that happened before The COLE, the Embassies all over the world then and now being hit. HORRIBLE! Yes, I know. I get it. I grieve…but I refuse to be coddled or mottled or led by the nose to join in, in all the oh why are we just doing all this now? WHY COULDN’T we have avoided it all in the first place? If we’re so good, so spectacular, etc. Why can’t we function very well now? What perspective do we need? What’s going on? What can we do? The little guy, the nobody, the nothing? It will only continue it seems. And that’s why I’m not going to do much of any thing but this and of course just go to work just like last time 10 years ago, and this time, I’ll get to work and will get through the day like I did then, I suppose. It’s all so very very sad. I’m sorry. I apologize, but it is how I feel, and I felt driven to express that.



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