Coming Up On 8 O’Clock

Coming up on eight o’clock now, and my heart just can’t stand it. Heavy. Leaden. Sullen mode. Don’t know just when other shoes drop or I’m so wrecked that I’ve finally gone too far and I’m rew-urned (As my mother with southern accent says.), and can’t extricate my self. All the would-a, could-a, should-a’s come reeling back, home to roost, and it’s a telling tale, that leeches the marrow from the bones.
Speaking of that, what I wonder from all the beautiful chaos all around me, is, that, when are we going to go through the meniscus and try on our new spiritual bodies?
Will there be a loud trumpet sound or explosion thing like: Holy Hell, what in the Fuck, was THAT!? Delivered Via Akasha

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