It’s Party Time, Get UP!!!

“UP at 2:30. Care for a swim? Yeeeyeah, don’t mind if I do. By 2:45 I’m swimming laps, and at 3 I’m in the kitchen, making breakfast and lunch. Breakfast will happen in a little bit with juice, and an apple, I’ll cut up just before I leave, when I drink a glass of Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice, and take some pills. I’ve already selected a banana for the day. The apple and banana I eat at work, after the juice intake, and a drive from home to the Plant.
Tai chi comes after a shower, which follows my shave. I know, I know, beard softens after shower, but face washes better in shower, not at sink. Add to that, ingrown hairs happen more after shower too. I get cut way too close that way. My beard isn’t so hard to cut. My face on the other hand is, and so I’m always on the variety panel/show, when it comes to the products I utilize for shaving and after shaving moisturizers.
Some pre-chi limbering, it’s not much tai, and I get dressed, and check on a few more personables, before I go downstairs to get the rest of the stuff done, to get myself the hell out of the house and on the road, before most people have even come home, if they’re the late night party type. I drive when their body’s blood snot excretions congeal on the sidewalk. When the possums piddle, and raccoons wander, and coyotes run. Soon, I’ve arrived, turning this phone on and wasting time here, before I get on myself to get a book or 4 open to read out of, or notebook out, to write something down on.” Message From Pisgah


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