The private fast track freeway over the hill in Irvine to/from Newport/San Juan Capistrano, 405 S., to 5 S., Express Pay Way, is CLOSED this ‘weekend’. Dunno why. Odd that, been seeing the signs, NB 55 and SB 55, for weeks now, and not a thing anywhere in say the OCWeekly, and I’ve not seen that magazine at all of late.
Ha, my world is disappearing. Literary Physicality. It doesn’t exist. Supposedly people read. Short shit reports, and blogs and tweets and emails, all the time. Filled to the brim with inaccuracies, shortened abominations of literature, and all. You see a few folk here/there with those ‘readers’, but for the most part, people are ‘watching’ moving images on their checkbook size phone/community devices (I won’t call them communicators.), that I don’t know as they work as well as the producers tell us they do. I’m adamant about more battery power and better net action. Quite frankly, I’m disappointed. I expect more. Demand it as well.
But what can I do? I’m just a lone soul who wants a living as I have, but with writing, not stress which I do, and not just a lovely gig I’ve had. I am grateful, but mean-time, isn’t it so that we should be something/someone “else”?

Message From Pisgah

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