Too Short of Light

The day is just too damn short of light. Imitation Crab is stuck between my teeth. Today we mourn. 28 people died in Connecticut on this dreadful day. And here I was thinking success! I’ve Finally got some bills paid and I’m making my way now onto paying back, paying off my ridiculous car service repair bill. Damn it all to hell. The guns didn’t kill them the shooter did but it’s not going to bring them back or keep others from dying if you successfully lock up and otherwise destroy all guns. No.
I was watching the Hobbit and thinking how excessive it was, all the wars, fighting, inter-racial hatred, mistrust at the very least, and it sickens me. Why? Because we’re humans and we’re stupid, and we’ll die. Stupid deaths, every single one.
The kid with the palsy, the mother with the scabby, bloody lip. Mein gud! Zounds! What for? The fuck sakes!! Let’s stop, shall we?
We found a comic book to read. We’re all alone now and the house is quiet and smells of cookie, chocolate chip. We’re not sure what to do now. Our head hurts, and our leg, the right one, a little bit, which is a lot better than it has been, as it has been off, A LOT! Pain. Suffering. Oh well.
No issues hard back of Kadrey’s new book now, and NONE of Anna Karenina, NONE! Amazing. Delivered Via Akasha


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