What The Hell? My Peace Went Out The Window At The Bitter End

Parking Debacle In Tel Aviv: Someone Paints Disabled Parking Space around a Legally parked Car…


And you wonder why hate grows.

I tried to show the man a different way of looking at his ‘Heck Of A Climb Comming Up Here’, but he wasn’t having anything to do with it.
On the way home a gal ran a red light in front of me and a man flipped me off when finally he pulled over into the lanes he needed to be in to go and merge on the other freeway coming up, which I didn’t want to and so changed lanes after signallng of course, in front of him. He didn’t pitch his front end down, didn’t even come near close to my rear end, and didn’t thank me. No, not like the gal in the truck I didn’t even see till the last second cutting across my path, turning, waving, grateful I didn’t come off the line faster.
Later a street guy with bike cuts across lanes on a bridge in front of the car in front of me, and the Truck, a 5 ton stake bed, almost smashed him. He stopped in time.
It was a cool but slightly nervous beginnging to the day, then smooth sailing till I met the man with the sour puss, the first guy I could not help. The last customer of the day.
IF people really were interested in peace, they’d lay down their guns and other weaponry and say: Fuck it! Enough! I’m tired of all this fucking bullshit, and work real hard to make peace the only way.

But you and I know damn well we won’t.

(And that’s just the big shit-piss fucker we have to deal with.)

Delivered Via Akasha


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