The Place In The Desert/Massive Confusion

OK, so you’re there in the desert. You’re road weary and fate steps in to see you through to a better place. You didn’t get the kid’s shots like you’d planned, oh well. You’re looking for a new place to live and maybe you’ll find one. Having fine dinners alone and enjoying shows with friends, trying to decide what to do about next weekend and being completely confused. You’re in doubt about where to start with re–well, being confused is just it, isn’t it? There’s no explaining all the lives activities posted by friends on this thing. Maybe you’ll recognize them, perhaps you won’t. You eat chocolate once in a while. It’s got caffeine in it. Gets you high. You enjoy the joy elation sex drive kick in it, but NOT impatience, dick-head, maniac in traffic, because no one jumps in line like you want. And, no matter how hard you try, the ‘high’ exact, just never comes again. So you grab your private and try but girls and boys, you’re better off when you stay quit, for good. Eat well and consume good water. You’ll know it when you taste it. Your body will thank you now and later, just as it will tell you to Fuck Off, if you don’t. Buena Suerte!!!

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