I’m Using The New Editor

Back again just like a long lost friend all those songs I know so well. Well, not really, but I’m really giving it a go. Yeah, sure, why not? Let’s do this. Write. I’m busy now. Not really interested in doing this, but so what? Laundry is almost done. I am amazed at how far along I am. I woke up at almost 4 and here it’s 7:44 and the last load is in the dryer. Finally. I’m going to light some incense and contemplate how to fix the pool. I guess I won’t see the museum or the film and both will be changed next week. I have other things to do next week anyway. The TEMPEST plays for me FRIDAY, the 19th. And, there are at least 2 films I want to see, which names I cannot remember. I’m just busy reading Roger Stone’s book; NIXON’S SECRETS. Besides the sloppy editing, repeated sentences here there, it’s pretty darn interesting.


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