Well, there’s no thing to report. It’s tough to be some body. It’s hard to keep from falling a part. Here on Detox Mountain, we all learn these things by heart. HOT DOG! Paid off a major bill, down one bill, today, but also spent a shit-load of money, on a bunch of “OTHER” junk, that, most of which will be utilized as day to day goods junk, but so what? It’s life and well, if we get lucky, we’ll be reunited and more important, be HAPPY! But that will NEVER occur, will it? No. This is REALITY-LAND, not some dumb ass movie or face book post, where, all are so fucking self-righteous and perfect with whatever they post, happy faces, perfect looking guy or girl photo that you’re with, ah, fuck that fuck!


About wneal5796 IOPE moisturised and Kiehl's conditioned
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