You may have a lovely bunch of coconuts, but I’ve three, count them, 3, boxes to be returned to the sender or signatory p.p. Macy’s or New Balance or NHL, to, get some things I cannot use and absolutely DO NOT NEED, returned! One I don’t like, and that’s the Shave Cream, which stinks and disappears on my face, which makes shaving next to impossible, and mostly a pain. Not literally. It doesn’t hurt. In fact, this cream is quite greasy/oily…which while is not completely destructive, renders the cream translucent, and makes for shaving, hey, where the hell did I leave off?

There are shoes that are great for Coaches but not for me. They’re a great fit for cleat shoes, but, are with these two shiny strips, which, in addition to the cleat bottoms, are of no use for me, not for where I work, which, I need much more on pavement surface rubberized contact/connection.

There’s a sweatshirt pullover, which, the stitched on word/lettering, is…it’s off, at an angle, and, therefore, useless to me. I need it straight across. I’ll find something else from another source, for less, I hope.

ABOVE ALL, I HOPE I GET, IN TIME, A FULL REFUND, FROM ALL THREE OF THESE SOURCES. Yikes, what in hell was I thinking? Truth is, I wasn’t. BUT, I’m living the life, doing the stuff, and soon all this will be resolved.


About wneal5796 IOPE moisturised and Kiehl's conditioned
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