CAN YOU alter the human’s body chemistry so much that they’d see things or know things they didn’t know before, simply by spraying things into the atmosphere from the sky up above?
NOT like ghosts N goblins or alligator lizards in the air, in the air-dood-n-dood-dood-doooodN-dood. AMERICA.
NO-But-all kinds of odd, wonderful, weird-shit, docile animals think. Keep you sedated? Is it possible?
There are more people than ever, it seems now, who are suffering from allergies, allergic reactions. They’re perpetually stoned looking: red-eyes, really bloodshot. Many, I guess now, are. Remember paraquat?
But anyway—Most are on some kind of antihistamine-blocker-drug. Is that a good thing? Stuffy nose, itchy skin. Red, itchy, swollen patches. What’s going on here? Lip scabs appear/disappear, not really much of anything. TOO much to categorize/identify here. What is it? What’s going on? Up at all odd hours. When you want your eyes to run water, they don’t. When you don’t, they do! Itchy eyes, blurry vision. Eye lids: pus, crap, crinkly eye-lids. What’s going on? What’s wrong? Is it just you? Or is it them? THEM.
THOSE GUYS, over there. Secret meetings, board (bored) rooms, over there-years ago. With strip-tease artists dancing on the tables. Pole dancers. Tough, competition sport now, not just an art form. There’re POLE OFFS, in China, Australia, Angola-well-not Angola. That’s where the military side of societies, worlds, countries, are being taken over, after eons of senseless bloodshed. But once it’s fully captured and not so wild, you can’t hardly roll in/out with tanks and guns, can you? Will people put up with this?
Well-seems as if we’ve lost our thread, lost our minds, and that’s probably right where they want us: Just agitated enough to move now and then, to work our little work, and yet not enough for that much more.
Go on off to your loony-bin, the lot of you who care?
NOTHING for creativity, for actually doing something new, different, exciting; better, really better, for all concerned, the good ideas about communication, better use of earth’s natural resources, future transportation needs, protection of the power grid, no just lock your itchy selves up.

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