And Had I Learned…

Well, there was, you know, a certain thing where this woman calls and she says no, they don’t call you. I’m the angel in the window and yeah, it’s owned by them, but yeah. I’m here to help you find out what’s wrong with your computer. See, there’s a virus on it, and that’s why it’s not working right. I’m going to help you find them and stop them forever bothering you.

Okay, right, yeah. And she takes me along to things I can see on my own machine and it’s all right by what she says and all and it’s amazing, right? How does she know all that’s on my computer? And then we load some remote viewing software, and this is after I tell her my phone number. Shit. She knows my number. And then, damnit, I give up my cell. Well, fuck this. Like I’m going to fall for it again, right? Finally she passes me on to this other guy, and he tells me about some software where there’s not going to be a problem ever again, and if I was to go and buy it now, out there somewhere, it would be 500 dollars. Oh crap!

And I didn’t go for it. I said, you’re not selling me any thing. He said that. I told him, you’re saying you’re not selling me any thing, but you’re telling me how much this thing is…and suddenly, the phone hangs up.

I unplugged my computer from the net and deleted the cookies etc from the 2 browsers and I also ran a full virus scan, and, nothing came up. I do still have a bit of time with my software as is, but, shit, did I almost get run away from even more of my money?

I’ve got glasses 2 sets of new prescription set to be done as quickly Monday as we find out the glass/plastic/composition my current ones are. And, oh, wee! I didn’t get the sunglasses. Damn. But, it would have been too much.

2nd blood test. Eye doctor test. A week of work begins tomorrow, and then the dentist on Friday, and hope is rest. And, then, yeah. Two weeks later, some endover inspection and we’ll see if we’re all okay inside…I hope I can drink every now and again. I don’t like to have to always constantly monitor my food/liquid intake. Horrible life that. But, I like the idea, from a friend of my Father’s, for, me, to, get a NUTRITIONIST. Hope is we’ll get a good thing going…keep me moderately healthy for the remainder of my days. However long or short they may be.


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