July 4

I put on a red shirt, large white letters on it: CCCP. There’s a neighbor, down a block or 2 away, drink in his hand, brown turban on his head. And on the way back from lunch, I spotted this ginormous red pick up truck, with a humongous flag, stars/stripes, flying from off the back.
Happy 4th of July, you know? Get drunk and blow shit up. OK. Not for me.
Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t go put a Russia shirt on out of disrespect, and I don’t consider the neighbor someone to report on to Homeland Security, while still we’re under the Patriot Act. Shit. No disrespect meant or intended. He’s just goofing around, I’m sure. And I’m sure the fella with the truck is proud and I salute that. Good for him, but all this ra-rah stars stripes bit is just too much for me. I planted a couple of made in the usa flags in the grass, and that’s it.
As a kid I always wanted next year to get back to Tiajuana or ‎maybe finally, Ensenada, to get some of those small red yellow fuse firecrackers I had the year before.
Always planning on how to hammer smash the side or one end of the Whistling Pe‎te firework, to get it to whistle and just before it stops, it blows itself up as a treat for all. All of my friends at any rate. Snakes. These stinking black charcoal pellets, that, when you could get lit, and if they’d stay lit, would smoke this acrid black smoke, sizzle, and produce an orange flame, as these soft crustly wormy snakes, would pull out of the pellet until it was consumed. Bottle rockets were too unreliable, and there were always too many things nearby to burn, catch fire, and get in trouble over, so, we didn’t need any of that. However, I do recall one fourth or so in Texas, in a parking lot. Wide Big Expanse, and lighting and hucking them at one another from a few hundred feet away.
I’m not much into drinking any more. My stomach can’t handle it. Do love water and juice though, but not all. And, I’d prefer to be alone if I can’t be with a beautiful tall Korean woman who loves me for who and what I am. I’d rather be alone and sit in a chair by a sunny window and read than celebrate something meaningless to most of us. Time has long gone and people dying for causes and beliefs. Killing one another so countries can split up and be independent is just galling to me.

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