Before I Die I Must Have:

1. Make Sourdough Bread Small Enough To Fit In Sandwich Bags With Ease. Starter “Dough”. “Sprouted”, whatever. It’s too damn big as is. It’s made with wheat, and, way too expensive. This is unacceptable! Sourdough should be sourdough. It does NOT have to be wheat, does it? And, it does NOT have to be done in this KLOWN CAR nonsense of WAY Kar-TOON sized loaf/pieces. CUT IT OUT!!

2. Make or get someone to make, the G2 type refill, (this is NOT the Pilot pen G2 refill, which only fits their G2 gloppy skippy G2 pen.), in the Medium Point Gel/Glaze, Goo refill, for the PARKER pen, and Parker pen refill type pens, which accept it.
Also, make DARK BLUE in this type, NOT light or “lite” sky baby blue. DARK! Navy too. Medium, Smooth Rolling, Parker fit, which is known today in the industry as G2 for some gad-awful reason.
It must, MUST also be made, for a Parker pen type, one series of those Hard Point Porous ink types. The hard nosed ‘felt’ point pens, which can make light carbons, but whose ink flows like magic, and permanent ink, in vivid colors, which means, yeah, I suppose you can get baby blue if you must, but it MUST have the ‘Royal’ I think they call it, or ‘Midnight’ Blue too. Also, Black, MUST be BLACK. ALL of these MUST be OPAQUE! And PERMANENT.


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