Oui Oui, All The Way Home

Well, Mrs. H, or whatever your name was, the ride’s over. Thanks for all the milk and cookies. Can we now go back to the regularly scheduled programmes?

Damnit, man. We’ve had enough. Yesterday, part way through was it, we had a man-o-pause moment. All we wanted to do was just go home. We didn’t think we’d ever get away with it. Frightened less than confused, and inexplicably frustrated, no less, because that’s the bare minimum of the side of work we’re on. A little on edge. Edge of what? Falling all out all over the place. Yes. Yes, that’s the ticket. That’s what it was, where we were. On edge. Stress. As it were. If you will. So to speak. Yeah. O.K.

THURSDAY-My ‘Friday’. And not a party planned in sight. Nope. What we intend and what we accomplish just gets absorbed into the aether like so much dust in the wind, passing through the spincter of time.

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