It All Started A Month Ago When I Couldn’t Figure Out How To Replace A Sliding Dimmer Switch, Gave Up, And, Now, Still No Brakes, Have To Return To The Car Shop…

Well, today and tomorrow, we’ll be at the car shop. I could have been given a ‘loaner” car today, if I wanted, and I declined, for, the “part” is not here. The part being, discs? Drums. What? Oh what in hell will they “find”? I don’t want to know. All I need right now is to be warm and unconscious. I need sleep. I’ve been ever so fucking frustrated with this idiotic internet. It’s not working all of a sudden on my desktop, despite a signal strength of all but 1 bar of occupying fortitude in the fan bar tool bar space at the screen’s bottom. I detached it and re-attached it when it finally showed and indicated in so many words, that Signal Limited notification. But what really gets my goat is no action on mail or Web browser when the bars are one shy of peak. That just SHOUTS to the world that things are arbitrary bullfuckingshit!!! Signals are NOT to be trusted, and set up protocols to indicate things are on going and well best, are bullfuckingshit and are NOT to be trusted. Take Nothing At Face Value. WHY MUST the world work this way? Why must we, when faced with what works or what’s going on and the process esp sic is one, question quantify query and vet again and again and again? It’s MOST annoying, to say the least. It annoys the hell out of people who work in places where things are for the customers all set ready simple obvious and overt, yet people question query quantify and qualify and ask and ask and ask again the same dumb ass questions over and over and over again about who what where when and why all this bullfuckshitnonsense is and how it all works, when all they have to do is either sit back and relax or simply calmly walk and go do whatever. But since no one can take in stride any thing any more, and we have to re-ask and re-qualify and re-quantify over and over and over and over again before we act, we simply can’t accept what is, take it, and move on. It’s all become such a ponderous waste of energy. It’s not worth it. It only encourages one to quit the game. Sit back and abso-fucking-lootly do NOTHING. Because that now by default seems to be the best option for any fucking action if any is called for at all. Fuck It!

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