What The World Is Now

FRI. NOV. 27th, 2015
“YES! Give me 15 more GIGS! I’m tired of this dogshit you consider FULL connectivity. It’s embarrassing. Who are you trying to kid? I texted back YES last month, and nothing happened. My bill keeps going up and I keep maxing out and I STILL can’t live stream movies or any thing else my co-workers can do on T-Mobile, Cricket, which humps off other local networks, Sprunt, and what not as that. Come on folks, let’s move into the 23rd Century Already. Teraflops already, Allright? This piddling megabit crap is NONSENSE! Let’s MOVE!!!!!!”
–My Texted Response to Verizon Wireless indicating I’d exceeded my monthly allowance of 3mb.
‎ Because really. Really? COME ON!!!! I can’t even with my own brand fucking new desktop connect downstairs to the dsl router with any thing even remotely coming close to “consistency” with regard Full Fucking Internet Hook Up ONLINE CONNECTION CONNECTIVITY!!! It’s unconscionable bull/dog (Really, take your ‘pick’, as “both” are equally USELESS.) SHIT!!!! Equally Useless Pig Fucking SHIT!!!

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