It Requires A Certain Kind of Scum…

YES, it really does. Go two hundred miles out of the way, just for a fight. Here, you can go to the page to see the site and check out posts, one after another. Hit a button, and it works, just like that. A window opens and you can do any thing you like, but, you know, you do what ever the link/window does. You know, it happens. It works out that way. I mean, look at this here, look at it like this: Words, text, font. It’s beautiful. And, you can post it. You could get a post made from an email, and, no fuzzy jumping words on the presentation page, if you can even look at it. There’s also this: you can email it, from the phone’s email software. You email it, and the post just hits it right, like, the fastest man alive. Like 2 coins tossed in the air, in the street of your town, by two different people, and then there’s a third one, he does a counting, from one, to two, and then three. And when the man counting gets to 3, the two fellas with silver dollars, one a piece, toss them into the air. And, before they hit your town’s dirt main street, they’re pierced by the fastest man alive. He also will have some one hold a pint of beer, and let the holder drop it whenever he wants, and the man who’s the top gun, blasts it, shooting the handled glass to pieces before it hits the ground. Yeah, that’s how fast, you can write, and, you know, post it, whatever it is, comes into your head, on the internet. Send the mail off, lickety-split, and it’s posted, no problem. And, to top it off, according to the rules, the ways and by ways of the software of the blogging site, this wordpress blog site, this very site, gets you a copy of the post, right into your email box. Yes, and, it works. Just like Glen Ford, in that movie, The Fastest Man Alive.


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  1. wneal5796 says:

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    This must go viral, just as anger hate vitriol and love society care nurturing and peace.

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