I’m glad you stopped by. Glad this thing works from the desktop with a bit of impatient promptings…and, fuzzy letterings and at least it unlike blogger, posts and does it without an annoying pulsing vibrating text jumping bit over on the left side of the screen. WHAT IN THE HELL IS THAT ALL ABOUT?

This also works with email and it works flaw and fault less lee. I mean, I write and send away. But I never look at it do I? No point. Never mind. I must do more. Fuck it, you know? Because, if this is the only one that works, I’m going to link it up to every bit of email or post on sites where I don’t have to fucking register or create a profile or any other fucking dogshit idiocy like that. Because we don’t have time in the real fucking world.

About wneal5796 IOPE moisturised and Kiehl's conditioned
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