Good Bye 2015

Vera Lynn-Singing

“We’ll Meet Again”

Charlie Rich singing-

“(Hey Won’t You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song”

The year, twenty-fifteen, is finally coming to a close, and I say, Good Riddance!
There’s an old Chinese Curse: “May You Live In Interesting Times”.‎ I’m not going to recap the shit app here. Too depressing. But, well…
‎ Well, we can’t very well blame the Chinese for everything, but most of my clothes are made there and they’re good things too.
My massage therapist is Chinese, and knows exactly how to relax me. I’m so poor however, I feel guilty about how little I can tip, and bad about how few times a year I can actually go.
But, 2015 has been a real poop-stain on the wall of my memory, and certainly very deadly to many folks. Least of which people you don’t even know. Sad part is, you can’t do any thing about it, can you? No. Sad. True. Too sad. This much is true. Listening to Marvin all night long.
Someone somewhere is getting laid on a regular basis. A lot of people are producing babies like crazy. Why? Even China stopped its 1 child only policy this year. But of course just because it was official for them not to have so many kids, didn’t mean they didn’t. They’re all over here, any where they can stay, be adopted. Now it’s just official you can fuck things up at home on an exponential basis.
I don’t care any more. Started out my morning in the dark drinking water, prepping my lunch bag for tomorrow’s day 1, of my full December week. Last week, of which this still is, was only a partial, and though for the first time I really went over on my phone’s data plan, I also froze two credit card accounts. I’m fucked. Hung over. Can’t drink any more coffee like I have. Can’t get my pc to behave like I like. It’s crazy stupid slow.
I’ve got to fix it but don’t know what to do about it not responding to me in a timely efficient manner, which it does not do. And, I can’t even, my idea today, delete the mail accounts to start over. Told myself not to turn it on. Concentrate on reading, relaxing, balance checkbook. Write! Long hand. Well, we see how far this got us. We’ve coffee, albeit a small bottle with crap milk shit diglycerides etc. Doughnuts: 2 glazed cake blueberries due soon, maybe after the coffee. But the 4 Breakfast burritos, are already polished off. But at least I’ve got my 2nd of only 2 HUGE loads of wash, in the drier finally, and today’s really going to be a good day. It is. I mean it is a good day. Good Day, Sir! Good Day! Fuck you, 2015! 😉

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