Yes, I know, it’s not as exciting or whatever as the woods that are snowy and being able to rest a bit nearby, contemplations from a person who was reputed to hate children. I don’t hate them. I just feel better when they’re not around. That’s not completely true. There are adults I feel better not being in their atmosphere too.

My setting are out of date and I hit Fix and it gives Error message Zero X Zero Zero Seven Zero Four Two Six. Sorry, We Weren’t Able To Fix That. Right you are. You weren’t able to fix a dad-blammd THING! HEY, WORDPRESS, DON’T CORRECT MY WORDS WHEN I DON’T WANT YOU TO! I can’t even write dad-blamed with two ‘m’s! So, the work around is no “e”. I’m beginning to hate this one (blog sites are getting on my nerves just as much as desktop configuration to for of by with email situation) as well. I’M DONE!!


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