singing to my self

Used to be that when it occurred I’d sing slowly the line from the song sung most famously by ROBERTA FLACK, “Killing Me Softly.”

About Entertainment Has This To Say:

“Roberta Flack became the first artist to win Record of the Year two consecutive years when her second #1 pop hit “Killing Me Softly With His Song” took home the prize in 1974. The song was written by Charles Fox and Norman Gimbel and inspired by a poem by Lori Lieberman titled “Killing Me Softly With His Blues” that was written after she saw Don McLean perform live.”

Don McLean, American Pie, really? No Sugar Tonight In My Coffee, No Sugar Tonight In My Tea! Well, the day the music died was pretty significant for a lot of people. Hell, even John Milner, the guy who lost but only won when Bob Falfa wrecked his hot rod on Paradise Road in American Graffiti, George Lucas (and writer’s Willard Huyck and Gloria Katz) thought so: Rock and Roll’s Gone Down Hill Ever Since Buddy Holly Died. File it under C.S., I guess. And, it’s all Chicken Shit, maybe.

Who knows why we sing to our selves. Or, why it is we sing certain songs at culminating times. Kind of interesting to me though, at least. It comes, when I’m stressed at work. Parking in a garage. I don’t even realize it’s a stress reducer. A bored moment. Or, it’s a thing, comes on, when I look away from some stupid incident between me and someone else, that really doesn’t even register with them, thank goodness. Looked Right Through Me, As If I Wasn’t There. Killing Me Softly, With His Song. Or, something like that.

Lately,  it’s been, Amber Cascades, by America. It’s a beautiful tune, written primarily by Dewey Bunnell. That guy from England. The other, Gerry Beckley, was from Texas. There was another guy as well, Dan Peek, from Florida, which we don’t hear or see much about when we think of Horse With No Name, Sandman, but he’s right there with them. Neighbor across the street where I grew up did their hair/make up? On tour. Yeah.

But anyway. Singing to your self, you do. It’s what you do. It’s right there and impresses no one and annoys others from time to time. Like people who whistle too I imagine. Doesn’t matter. It isn’t important. It’s just done or not. Nice when you can carry a tune or it helps you through your day, the anti-stress part. Real swell I guess when, they look right through you, or you have to do same for them, to get you through your day.


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