I’m Up With Black Phoebe

A Black Phoebe is here with me having breakfast as I’m having mine. Phoebe is skirting the surface of the water gobbling up insects and drinking water. I’m shivering with 5 glasses of water down and two of cold juice, about ready for a banana and an electrolyte drink as the washer is being used and I’m having to wait.

Posted a comment on Disquss the other day and a computer guy suggested I go to this link and get…really, some other email, but I suggested this:

Ah, yes. Buy buy buy buy buy! Why would I have to buy another when I’ve already purchased one with my new computer which does have the 10 operating system on it and whatever mail service that’s “on” the machine, pre-loaded…ha! Fun. Thanks. Yes, I know, these deals and the things on the machines are done months ahead of time. And by the time it comes to user, the EULA, well, it’s a given is it? You’ll do the set up, it works for a week, or month, and then it fails. And they waste your time on the phone at the help desk, chat up a report, they hook you to a technician who’s on a head set with a terrible delay, and, after a bit of a chat, it’s recommended you buy the service plan. I’ll try the link later perhaps when I’m on my desktop. Thanks for your time and input. You’re very kind. I am grateful.

Yes, optimistic. And, maybe there’s another fix or I should just wait, be patient. I’m just needing to wait until they do their thing and sooner or later, I’ll get what I have, my contacts etc forwarded to the latest email system software they come up with. I’M not using any thing. I’m just here. We still have phone service email this way, but since my recent update of putting my phone on the email for better security, I’ve been getting text messages. This has got to stop. I’m going to find that page again and knock it right off. No thank you. Don’t call or text me please. Imagine, these days, you have to put your number on a list for people NOT to call you. They STILL call. Solution: Don’t Give Out Your Number!


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