Where On Earth Is Love

Where on earth is love? No, really. Where? Where is peace and understanding? Where does it make sense and how come we can’t change the stupid things that are? Why are we continually doing the same stupid self-destructive idiotic lame things over and over and over again? Why in the world are we constantly berating our selves about it? Why can’t we change? Love doesn’t care. It doesn’t know. When it is it shows. When it doesn’t it isn’t here…or, there. Who knows? Who cares? You can’t control it as you can’t control the wind. Why we bother even to try and control the weather? I guess I’ve answered my own questions here about why we can’t change our selves, about why we do the things we do. It is the way that it is. We’re not captains of our fates or masters of our destinies. We’re not enlightened to acts behaviors the way they enlighten us. That is to say, if we look at it in the best way, we’ll get more of it or have a better shake. What befalls doesn’t befall all other than that shit rains on all of us and all of us will die. Some times we’re happy and some times we’re not. Not all of us have the capacity to change or cope. Not all of us can do it very well.


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