It Is 5:04

It is five o four and it will be sunny but it won’t be so hot for us today.‎ What, around…..66?

It is 42 now, the Real Feel is 39. Couple of days ago it was 39 or 7, but Real Feel was 42. How is that possible?
Yesterday I checked my car’s ext therm and it read 51. It felt warm. I mean, it felt like that, and I was warm. But it was 38 and 44 or some such like that.
Funny off odd how the other day and most mornings I’ve been at it (only a 4 day week this week, more on that later), I’ve been warm going in and hot in bed but even last night, first in a while, I’ve not had ski cap on in bed. I call that my night cap. Not drinks, or drinking. I’m not one of those who can. It is quite possible I’m one who doesn’t breathe throughout the night, which can be why the reason I’m futzy or easily irritable or irritated by the little things not going off right, like this mornings dumping of recycle items into the can out back. What, possible fuck, of physics, dis-allows the items from falling out of an open bag!?! Any amount of shaking? What The Fuck? Funny thing, I laughed at my self and said something like: You’re Silly. And changed my whole attitude it did. And began considering how grateful I am, and how it’s just one of the things I do to earn my keep, as it were. Ha. Earn my keep. What IS all this? Are there really intrinsic things in nature what keeps balance? Ledgers and Domains? Rights Wrongs and You Owe? You’re here, right? You didn’t have any thing to do with it, did you? You ungrateful blankety-blank!!! Right? Okay. Grateful. Friday for me, it’s THURSDAY. Simply due to my weekend being Friday Saturday, and my next week’s days off being messed with, from Friday Saturday, to Sunday Saturday, I’m getting a 3 day weekend, again, this month. Last weekend, it’s was because I took Sunday off, but paid myself, so, what’s worked or scheduled to work, is a 32 hour week. The self pay of 8 hours is on a separate ledger. I’ve decaf coffee today. It doesn’t smell or taste so bad. I’m grateful. I’ve even procured a croissant bun thing in the round with bacon egg and cheese. But there were a couple of things there in the store I also would have enjoyed having. A 2 pack dark chocolate covered graham crackers, and today’s Wall Street Journal. Some articles in there. 2. One on who’s running United Air Lines, and the other, something about letting your children fail. Regarding a loan or getting one or going to school or some such. I really hope to go by and get one, I’ll have to vet the Barnes and Noble in Santa Ana on the way home, if the Starbucks here, open at 4, god bless them, doesn’t have one, or, heh-heh, them. Them being the paper and the graham crackers. 😉


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