Happy Birthday, From Tri-Star Indiana

Well, my first birthday wishes. I asked for a glassless cup of coffee. I want the discount for bringing in the glass of course. But in the course of my first getting it weeks ago, and now, I noticed a crack. Asked for just a coffee, ice, in a to-go cup actually. See, this one has a crack in it. And she’s asking repeatedly, regular coffee or black? What’s the difference, I ask. Well, the black or whatever she said, has cream on top and…No. No cream. I don’t want that. Just coffee and ice. And, she asks do want sweetener? No, just coffee, and ice. Well, another girl comes up, and, serves a drink, ice in black coffee looking but, cream on top. And I’m…Okay. No. I don’t want to waste it. I take it and enjoy it. What do you want to bet it’s not a different glass. She didn’t have change. Left drawer open. Have to. But, leave front to go get change in back for 20 I gave her. Wasted 1.35 tip. 3 dollar beverage. It’s fine. Tastes divine. The milk, cream, and sweetener. Can’t determine if it’s the same glass or not. What I’m going to do now though, heh-heh, is get what I want. Coffee. Ice. No Mas. Hope so. I really…down the street from the place from where I found so much bliss, happiness, really, the high, euphoria, unparalleled, now before, since, or perhaps, it’ll ever be, ever again. I’m serious. It was THE BEST. My IDEAL. HEAVEN. Much more happiness than this pleasant and otherwise quiet place for coffee/tea drinks. If not for this ugly thump-thump-thump disco bump dum dumping “muzak”. Had a mind to see the latest. But, app or what, wouldn’t work. Showed I think seats available for the 10 am show. No go. Only 2 left, 3, but ONLY on the sides 2 on one, one on the other, All in the front row. No. Not me. I want the middle, and in back or 2nd to back part of the front section. Anyway. Ah-well. So-So. It goes. Let’s find a place to pee, then, we can relax, read. And, how can one relax with all the cute girls coming in here and the fuck me music?


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