Warren Ellis Returns to Marvel With ‘Karnak’

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Karnak #1 Karnak #1

Warren Ellis has been known, beyond his genre-bending sci-fi classics, to take a Big Two character and redefine it in a way that later creators can use as their model.  This is exactly what happened with his more recent six issue arc on Moon Knight, that created a design-heavy dark mood piece that was picked up by Brian Wood for the second arc and Colin Bunn for the third.  Here they were able to finish what Ellis had begun, and the entire run can be seen with the kind of cohesion you just normally won’t get from Marvel books that have multiple writers at the helm.

As we got the recent announcement of forty-five new titles coming from Marvel after Secret Wars runs its course, we see again that Ellis is taking the reigns of a lesser-known Marvel character.  This time its Karnak.  In line with Marvel’s new…

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