Ganzeer on the Visual Language of ‘The Apartment in Bab El-Louk’

Yeah. There definitely needs to be a physical book on this. Kickstarter anyone? Hey, folks. How do we do this?


This month, Words Without Borders launched its International Graphic Novels: Volume VIIII, which features an excerpt from Donia Maher, Ganzeer, and Ahmed Nady’s “The Apartment in Bab El Louk,” trans. brilliantly by Elisabeth Jaquette.

The collaborative project is a gorgeous look at life in Bab El-Louk. You can see it here. Ganzeer answered a few questions about how it came about, and what he plans to do next.

Letterhead-draft2AL: How did this collaboration come about? How did it “work”? Did you talk it out, or just each do your part?

G: Pretty simple. Donia sent me her text, which I read and enjoyed. She did know that she wanted the visual to very much aid in the storytelling and not just be a meaningless add-on, but she did give me full control over the style and direction. I also had full control over what text would be on which…

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