When it says to write, write. Don’t fuck around, unless you believe Kurt Vonnegut, when he said, we’re here to fart around, and, don’t let anyone fool you into thinking anything different. (He’s being nattily applied here. I’m paraphrasing terribly.) It would be cheating it appears to me. Farting Fucking Two Different Items. Play. Why not? Don’t tell everyone to be their self, because some of the people you meet are sociopaths, like, they’d pay any attention to you anyway, and a few are psychopaths. What we need are more EM-paths, and none too soon.‎ And people who can write? They need to be found and coddled. Or, at least paid well, because the bulk of people don’t know how to write and last I checked, it’s mightily important still, more so than math, which is open to interpretation.Saw two films today. The first one about a force that wakes up, when I didn’t even know it went off to sleep. Truth is, I did, and the movie was very well constructed, but I just didn’t care, despite the very good acting, (do I know acting?) and intense scenes, esp sic between the girl and the guy in black. The second film didn’t come up short, in fact, it was about a Big Short, and had nothing real to do with the fashion industry, though all the people in the film wore a lot of clothes. Yeah, it captured my eye heart mind and soul. Great film and swindle tale. Yeah. It continues and we all imbibe. Not much we’re able to do about it. Some get rich or even more rich, some or most lose out and lose out big, big time, all over, and, done. Sad. But it’s life and that’s the way it goes.  It’s not every day that we get into a ship and save the world, already instinctively knowing how to negotiate or handle any problem. Most of us aren’t persistent or clever enough to stick with it and over time win the odds of attrition, entropy, suffer and weather the nightmares of grotesque growths on our gonads as we go along, trying to beat windmills or whatever else is attacking or in our way. But here’s to every and any one willing to try. Cheers, Salud, L’chaim‎, Kampai, Slainte and whatever else you wish.


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