And so, you have a company, you’ve been dead for low on 100 years, and your company still cranks out stories for the screen that promote moxie driven chutzpah full of it inexperienced youthful people, in this case 2 girls in 2 separate films, and, there could be more, (and this is perfectly fine, but you know I just wish someone buy mine-yes, bitter), ‎who somehow charge over and through all the scenery, catching on in seconds to what would take real people in real life a life time, some of us…and, yeah, it’s only a movie and maybe this explains Joseph Campbell’s Hero Of A Thousand Faces, but what I know of heroes is that they don’t have dog tags, they have toe tags, if even they have a body. They put dog tags away and went on a mission so secret not even their bosses would recognize them or their actions. In fact, maybe they’d be put shot for treason. Who knows? Most of us will NEVER hear of or from them. They’re ghosts, appropriately so. They live and they die behind the smokescreen of the cognoscenti the powers that be want you to believe is the ‘reality of the world’. They, these heroes make the real sacrifices. And film makers and actors are no heroes, but do get life handed to them to make films and act in films life lived by heroes, which real people in turn may want really to emulate, and that is a dangerous thing, esp sic we find out some times later we went off to war only because a president had a small dick complex or wanted to marry his third cousin twice removed, or whatever bunch of dog shit as that. It’s not only unconscionable, it’s untenable, to, for, of, by, me, but, it happens. It exists, and, well, it will continue to, I reckon, forever, because humans are simply incapable of changing out of their wicked nature’s for long. They’re basically UN-REDEEMABLE! They thwart abdicate, threaten and thrive it seems on torture and killing of one another, any old thing to get what for them it seems real as love for their own damned selves. Yes. That’s right. They all seem to do it, for LOVE. Yes. I know. It gives it a foul head up a frog’s ass taste in y’all’s mouth, don’t it? And so, what’s the point in all this crap, all these “shenanigans”? Nothing, I don’t reckon. And so, there it is. Life in a nut shell. Peanuts, for, some are good and some bad. So what? And so.


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