YEAGH!! On my way to the post office, the largest independent company, once government owned, like the railroad is now, well, to drop off bills, paid, only if they reach their destination, and, are taken care of this totally arcane way…in which not many honor or proceed with these days…A GUADALUPE of a turd was there, at least, I think it was a turd…I mean, it couldn’t have been a meteorite, could it have been? Where are the scorch marks? There were none…but then, oh, it could have just dropped, plop. Right there on the grass, falling, having fallen for a while, cooling off as it “fell”…yeah, that’s right. And, aint it so bad I didn’t catch a photo of it, and post it as well right here in this post. Oh well, suffice it to say, there was a film and it was a spookfest and worked just enough, and, I didn’t see Leo’s revenge pic with that scared looking Mr. Hardy. Yeah, that guy’s really going to be scared of little LEO! But, I have to see Tom in the film by a former classmate of mine, I mean, a guy I was, or we had a class together, and he found a way to write and put his tales in the hands of people who gave him some money…yeah, Brian Helgeland. Legend. About the Kray Brothers. I went off into The Forest. It was a spook tale. Very nice. First director effort for that guy, Jason Zada. 4 people wrote that script. A lot of stories are done that way. Oh well. I even worked as a production assistant on a film Brian wrote: Nightmare on Elmstreet IV. Can’t even recall that one, the title, any thing. Got a shirt from it. Lost no doubt. It didn’t hit me until later. Hey, Brian wrote that? What happened to any and every one in those classes? What about the short Irish Preacher guy, always wore black, his collar, and, had stinky shoes and wrote with the parker pen, a rolling writer, the one with the metal grip area, terrible pen. I think his footwear were Clarks. What happened? Brian’s out loud readings worked. Dave his friend and mine, were the funniest of the class however. You know, laugh out loud, the class did. Whatever happened to us? Whatever happened? I was miserable as hell there. I didn’t know what to do. Still don’t. It’s really fucked up and sad. Oh well. I can’t deal with that right now. I have to be where I am in/of the moment…always I seem to be that. With that, I am VERY successful. VERY. Yeah. Okay. Right. Just like, when I’m talking to the woman I’m with the woman I’m with for the moment, and, when I can’t express it, I can’t. I don’t. It’s a circumstance of me being so damn shy and oh, I don’t know how to say it. I don’t know how to break into the business, don’t write stuff like it’s written, what’s out there, that I know of, you know? Whatever. So what? Who cares? No one needs to hear this that or the other. I spiel. Speak. Play. Write. Put it out and down and that’s about it, and really, all it needs to be I guess, in this for this life, time.

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