Surprise Surprise Surprise


Shit, I’m on the outside. Always felt a little off, no matter what little souvenir like indications that life some times indicates, is a bit sweet, it is but, more often than these weak, so too few and WAY under the radar subtle, ‎minder messages, present their feeble indications to the horribly distracted subconscious whenever you’re asleep during the day, yeah, it’s more horrible than not, isn’t it so?
I well it’s that way. I’m on game and going a whopping metre or 9 a minute, and by golly some one or some thing extant says: Fucking Knock It OFF! And in some cases knocks ME off that Horse, or whatever. Fuck You, Life!
When I get too focused, when I can, getting into something, damn. I’m told to focus. Just do step by step stuff, and one day, it might come true, because, really, it’s you that’s made it come true. You did it, step by step by step. Oh. Yeah. Interrupting COW. You can’t finish that now. MOO! Well, no, damnit! FUCK YOU!
I bought 2 books today. Carried them to my car. Where in fuck are they now? They weren’t with me at the doughnut shop where I went next for doughnuts and coffee. Nope. Not in the car with me at all. Where the hell is that bag? What? Did I put my bag on the roof of my car and just drive on? Why didn’t I notice it flying off? Why didn’t I hear it, eh? What In The Fuck? Surprise Surprise Surprise. This is where the story ends.

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